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Nilfisk Quick Release Hose Adapter

Nilfisk Quick Release Hose Adapter


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Premium Nilfisk Quick Release Hose Adapter

Upgrading your pressure washer to a short trigger like our ST Stainless Short Trigger?

This Quick Release Hose Adapter will provide a seamless quick connection between the hose and the gun, allowing you to effortlessly upgrade your pressure washer and detailing process. Short triggers offer unparalleled control and access to areas such as underbody, under arches and inaccessible areas. This quick release hose adapter will allow you to connect your standard Nilfisk hose to a short trigger gun.

Suitable for all types of high pressure, M22 thread stubby trigger guns.

Suitable for:

  • Nilfisk Alto, C, E and P


  • Quick release for your standard Nilfisk hose.
  • Anodized Aluminium internals with plastic casing
  • High Pressure Quick Release Coupling
  • M22 Thread to Quick Connect


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