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ST Stainless Short Trigger

ST Stainless Short Trigger

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Introducing the ST Stainless Short Trigger:

As a part of our constant strive for product evolution and improvements, we’ve spent the last 14 months creating the ST Stainless Short Trigger system from the ground up.

Our ST Stainless Short Trigger Gun is a powerful, durable and ergonomic solution to upgrading your pressure washing system, featuring Stainless Steel fittings with a brass internal construction to ensure longevity and durability for detailers and enthusiasts alike.

The ST Short Trigger Gun focuses on ergonomics and durability. The gun is designed to fit comfortably in your hand, whilst the the trigger’s actuation is light and precise, reducing fatigue and ensuring ease of use on long details. The casing is designed with teardrop textured plastic on the handle, making it easier to grip when wet and making sure it stands up to rigorous daily use. The ergonomically designed easy grip quick-release is also encased in plastic to reduce the potential of scratching and ensure it’s always easy to remove nozzles from the trigger, even when wet.

Our Short Trigger Gun revolutionises your detailing experience by offering improved control and granting access to tight and confined spaces like wheel arches and underbody which is often overlooked, it’s an essential addition to any detailing arsenal. Featuring a Stainless Steel swivel hose connection, removing the frustrations of kinks and tangles during use and preventing unnecessary pressure on the hose and fittings, safeguarding them from potential damage.

Unlike others on the market, we have designed this as a pressure wash system, to seamlessly integrate with our professional-grade matching Premium Stainless Nozzle Set, Arch Blaster Turbo Nozzle, Ultimate HD Snow Foam Lance, quick-release fittings, standard hoses, and an array of accessories, the ST Stainless Short Trigger ensures a hassle-free plug-and-play installation process.

Trigger Gun Specs:

  • MAX – 160 ° C / 320 ° F
  • MAX – 4500 PSI / 310 BAR
  • MAX – 45L/Min – 12 USG P.M.
  • 304 Stainless Steel
  • Swivel Hose Connector
  • 1/4″ Quick Release Fitting

Optional Nozzles:

  • Premium Stainless Nozzle Set
    • Red – 15°
    • Orange – 25°
    • Black – 40°
  • Arch Blaster Turbo Nozzle (Underbody).

Two Nozzle Sizes:

Unlike other standard nozzles available on the market, we have made ours available in 2 orifice sizes, ensuring maximum compatibility and performance, no matter which pressure washer you are using.

The orifice size dictates how your pressure washer performs, ensure you order the correct-sized nozzle to get the most from your setup and prevent any load issues.

In the UK we tend to use a mixture of brands and flow ratings, but we normally suggest the following:

Orifice Sizes:

As a rule of thumb, we tend to suggest the following:

  • 0.3  – 6 litres per minute and below – (lower power household pressure washers Karcher, Nilfisk, Bosch etc)
  • 0.4 – 7 litres a minute and above – (higher-end professional use setups Kranzle, Petrol or Diesel driven etc)

Hose Connectors:

  • Kranzle M22 (Standard)
  • Genuine Karcher K Series Adapter (K2, K4, K5, K7 only)
  • Nilfisk Alto, C, E & P Series hoses (does not fit Spigot connection).

We suggest all fittings to be sealed with PTFE tape or Liquid Sealant.

When fitting the spray nozzles, double-check they are securely fitted, spraying the nozzle a few times away from the car to ensure they are secure.



  1. Fantastic product and fast delivery

  2. Tried it today – a real game changer making it so much easier to get to all areas of the car without undue effort. Well made and comfortable to use.

  3. Could not be better. Easy to connect with my K7, no leaks, and the nozzles work really well.

  4. Bought this with all the nozzles for cheaper than an MTM. Perfect kit, top quality

  5. Perfectly machined! Easy and smooth nozzle changes unlike other brands. Looks great!

  6. Easy to use and looks great. This is the best short trigger I’ve ever had!!

  7. Higher quality than some of the more expensive short triggers I’ve used!

  8. Perfect upgrade, easy to use, solid build quality and the nozzles are a nice touch

  9. I used to use provided gun with the Black and Decker high pressure washer, but this short gun was especially easy to use for washing the wheel arches.
    The snow foam lance can now be replaced with a single touch, improving cleaning efficiency.
    I’m glad to be able to shop for it at this store, because trigger guns are very expensive in my country.

  10. Wish I had bought one sooner!

  11. The product that you didn’t know you needed. But you do!
    Very pleased.

  12. Well priced, amazing piece of kit and results are fantastic!

  13. Well priced, excellent quality, amazing piece of kit and results are fantastic!

  14. Amazing.
    So useful and versatile, completely changes the way I wash the cars!
    Lightweight, easy to use and feels good quality

  15. Best swivel trigger gun in the game! Made cleaning so much easier

  16. had this short trigger gun 6 months now and it makes cleaning the car so much easier especially doing my wheels and arches plus attaching my snow foam gun, bought my in seconds as it had a small mark on the handle but it works like dream!! , very pleased great product

  17. Another fantastic product, especially good for doing arches and hard to get at places, highly recommended A++

  18. What a great investment, the best hose attachment for my Karcher k7, great when doing wheel wells, highly recommended, great service and fast delivery

  19. Purchased this item for my Nilfisk pressure washer. Had an issue with fitting, but contacted Carbon Collective who have been super helpful and everything is working as it should. The trigger is so much easier to use than the original Nilfisk lance, much more manoeuvrable and the quick change nozzles give a good variety of uses and ability to change to snow foam easily (especially when using the carbon collective snow foam lance!).

  20. What Ive needed for years, great for having a narrow driveway

  21. Excellent product! Very convenient and easy to use

  22. Really Impressed with this! So convenient to just be able to switch the spray nozzles, gets deep in the arches without issues. Compliments the CC Ulitimate snow Foam lance with the Quick release, Happy customer all round!

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