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Low Tack Green Detailing Tape

Low Tack Green Detailing Tape



Our Low Tack Detailing Tape adapts well to most shaped surfaces, provides good adhesion even on irregular surfaces, whilst leaving no residue on removal.

More importantly the adhesive won’t drag on the surface if caught with a dual action machine polisher, making it ideal for masking delicate edges or finishes.

  • Specific formulation allows it to work perfectly, even in overlapping and with masking paper/film applied
  • Resistant to thinners
  • Heat resistant up to 80 degrees C (30 minutes)
  • No adhesive residue after removal from car body, plastics, glass, rubber profiles, etc
  • Water resistant
  • Excellent performance with traditional solvent-based and water-based paints
  • Its green colour highlights masked areas
  • Good adhesion level
  • Easy unwinding
  • Well adaptable to shaped surfaces
  • Removable without breaking
  • Hand tearable
  • No lifting or edge curl


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