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Interior Scrub Pad

Interior Scrub Pad

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Interior Scrub Pad

Our Scrub Pad is a multi-purpose non-scratch cleaning pad created from 620GSM bristle material.

Constructed using two types of fibres, stiff and soft, reaching down into textured plastics, leather grain & upholstery, removing dirt and grime without the risk of scratching.

Even though this mitt is designed for interior surfaces, it also works extremely well on the exterior of the vehicle, the coarse long fibres offer more bite, loosening stubborn dirt and stains on textured plastics, rubber, tyres, engine & wheels.

Durable edgeless construction ensures it can be used time and time again.

  • 620GSM
  • Edgeless
  • Non-scratch bristle microfibre
  • 8x14cm
  • Made in Korea

Care Instructions:

Rinse under the tap after use, squeezing out the water until the water runs clear, and leave to air dry.

Also, machine washable at 40°c.



  1. A really useful addition to the kit bag for washing and cleaning both inside and outside the vehicle. The edgeless microfibre pad it sized great for your hands and the microfibre texture means that even when soapy with gloves on it does not want to slip or slide from your grip. Awesome for cleaning 4×4 wheel covers, and lifting the dirt from the pores of the vinyl, seams and elastic skirt while being soft, gentle and non-scratch.

    The only down side is the foam bit in the middle, it takes ages to dry out; I wish CC would offer this as a “Scrub Cloth” same outer material just in a single/double sided square so the user could fold and shape as needed.

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