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Speed Applicator

Speed Applicator

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Our Speed Applicator is created from our 320GSM lint-free microfibre, specifically designed with a foam core that doesn’t absorb
liquid, ensuring the maximum amount of coating is applied to the surface in the fastest way possible, with more control and access than ever before.

Works with Ceramic Coatings, Detailers & Spray Coatings.

  • Pocket for 4 fingers.
  • Large surface area.
  • 10x14cm.
  • Non-retentive foam core.
  • 320GSM closed loop microfibre
  • Made in Korea

Care Instructions:

Rinse under the tap after use, squeezing out the water until the water runs clear, and leave to air dry.

Machine Washable at 40°c. (This will not remove hardened coating residue)


  1. These applications pads are great, much nicer spread amd contact with the panel. The layer is also even and smooth which doesn’t leave high spots at all!

  2. Got some for free with my order. Superb applicators!

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