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Do Not Wash PVC Hook

Do Not Wash PVC Hook

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Sick of your local garage or dealer undoing your hard work by inflicting swirls & damage?

Hang one of our double sided PVC “Do Not Wash” hooks on your interior mirror to warn them against washing or valeting your protected vehicle.

Created from gloss PVC plastic, they are non fade & highly durable.

Perfect for storing in your glove box.

Available in two colours, Black or White.



  1. Saved me many times when my car was at the dealership !

  2. Good quality product. Not tested at dealership yet but fingers crossed they get the message that I don’t want them cleaning my car when it goes for a service!

  3. Perfect item to keep dealers dirty buckets away!

  4. Works a charm!
    Purposely tested on the other halves car and just left it hanging on the mirror without mentioning to staff.
    Car came back untouched by them!

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