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Exfoli-Block – Interchangeable Clay System

Exfoli-Block – Interchangeable Clay System

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Exfoli-Block – Interchangeable Clay System

Replacing the need for traditional clay, our patented polymer clay is designed to be safe on even the softest of paints.

The open-cell foam interface absorbs wash solution, releasing it during the claying process. This prevents the panel from drying out, creating a safer claying process.

Re-usable up to 50 times, our Exfoli-Block has interchangeable clay pads with varying grades.

This clay system comes complete with two interchangeable pads, Medium & Heavy.

Medium – For general use, will remove light surface contaminants, tree sap & fall out.

Heavy – For heavily contaminated surfaces, will remove tar, extensive fallout, waxes & sealants (not ceramic coatings) Ideal for lower sections, wheel barrels etc – Use with caution.


  1. The Exfoli-Block should only be used on clean, wet paint. Using a strong shampoo & water mix, submerge the block allowing the foam to absorb the solution.
  2. Starting with the glass, lightly glide the block over the surface in straight, overlapping lines.
  3. Return the block into the wash solution after every panel, rinsing the clay surface.
  4. Once the clayed area feels smooth to the touch, repeat the process on the whole vehicle.
  5. After completion, rinse & dry as normal.

Lubrication is important, never use just water.

Always bed the clay in on the glass first.

Never allow the panel to dry out during use.

Do not allow the system to come into contact with strong cleaners or high heat.

Heavy clay will strip waxes & sealants. Use with caution. 


  1. Easy to use and the results were amazing! Very pleased!

  2. Can’t rate this highly enough, first time i’d ever used a clay block, easy to use, excellent result, well pleased!

  3. Great bit of kit

  4. This product is amazing!! Works wonders every time and well worth every penny!!

  5. Having used both grades across many different paints, this is by far one of the easiest clay bars to use while also leaving less marring mark compared to traditional clay bars and mitts.

  6. This is a fantastic product, very easy to use, does the job alot quicker than the claybar, highly recommended A++

  7. Very easy to use and gives the desired finish

  8. Mostly use the fine block but it’s really comfortable and easy to use, no faffing with folding and rolling clay or drying out an entire mit

  9. Used this product a number of times and is a welcome addition to my carbon collective collection. By far the easiest clay I have used.

  10. No More Clay bar’ing a whole car for hours by hand, this block is a game changer. Swift easy removal of bonded on grime!

  11. This is a great bit of kit for keeping your paint work silky smooth and removing stubborn contamination, light scratches and tar spots. Quick and easy to use on regular washes or on a more forensic clean before applying coatings of your choice. So much better than clay bars.

  12. Excellent, much easier to use then a clay bar! Highly recommend.

  13. Clay is dead as far as im concerned, I would even go as far to say that this is easier and possible safer to use ( red pad ) then your typical clay. I will be keeping this in my kit indefinitely.

  14. Amazing!! Can’t believe I never have to mess around folding and warming clay bar again! So easy to use and really effective!! Do yourself a favour and buy one!

  15. Used for the first time and surprised how easy this was to used competed to traditional claying. Would definitely recommend.

  16. So easy to use. Good value for money and worked superbly on my front grill that I’d been trying to remove bug residue from for ages. Would highly recommend.

  17. Used this for the first time the other day and can honestly say it’s brilliant. Left my paint looking and feeling super smooth and felt very safe when using. I found it was really quick to use too – the opposite to a clay bar !!! Would 100% recommend .

  18. On my second one now . Can’t recommend enough. This Exfoli-Block makes light work of heavy contaminates. My go-to clay.

  19. Bought this Exfoli-Block to replace the clay bars i normally use.
    Brilliant product. Used it as instructed and it really took care of the contaminants leaving a clean smooth surface ready for the polishes.
    I recommend this product highly.

  20. I’ve user many clay mitts and this one blows the rest away. Very ergonomic and durable. My first choice from now on.

  21. 1st time using any clay system and this one is so easy to use and the after effect was brilliant, I highly recommend this product.

  22. Highly recommend, probably wouldn’t ever use a clay bar again after using this product.

  23. Very well made and easy to use. I like the fact there are two grades of clay to use, made easy work of removing contamination from my white ST

  24. So much quicker than using a traditional clay bar but without compromising on the final result. My first Carbon Collective purchase but definitely not my last!

  25. Amazing addition to the detailing essentials – cuts down on time compared to conventional clay. Very effective results.

  26. Best thing since sliced bread!! This is so much better than old school clay, it’s easier to use, better results, and really comfortable in your hand! I won’t be going back to clay bars again!

  27. Absolutely amazing little product this is!

  28. Great product easy to use and would highly recommend

  29. Excellent product, alot better than the standard clay bar. Can definitely recommend.

  30. Excellent product

  31. Excellent piece of detailing equipment. Very easy to use and very effective. Will be using again

  32. Great product and really easy to use compared to a traditional clay bar.

  33. Great simple to use and as said works perfect with Lusso shampoo a lot more convenient than normal clay bars I’ve used before!

  34. Wow what can I see this is a complete game changer!! Spent hours slaving with a clay bar until I did some research and decided to take the plunge and ordered one of these. Product is very good performance wise eliminating tar spots that had been there years. It’s so comfortable to grip & easy to work with. I was a bit nervous wether it would leave swirls but no paint work was perfect

  35. Has changed the clay game. So easy to use and so effective

  36. Absolutely love this product been using traditional clay for a long time but now I have bought this product this product to save me so much time such a good company and very good pricing

  37. Great Product,Much easier to use than a clay bar

  38. Great product so much easier and quicker then Clay used lusso and my car looks amazing

  39. Excellent! Would recommend to anyone. I’m not a professional, so was a bit reluctant to spend this much when I don’t really know what I’m doing, but the instructions are easy to follow and the results speak for themselves. .

  40. Great product very easy to use and very quick will definitely be using this over a traditional clay bar from now on

  41. It is hard to believe that the traditional claying process can be replaced with such a simple solution. Until you use it. Then you realize that the future is here, no longer do you need to fold that bit of clay a thousand times per session or spray tonnes of lube. Effective and convenient – good stuff!

  42. Wow! What an amazing product guys. Highly recommended. Easy use, re-fillable pads & great value for money.

  43. Excellent product, a lot quicker than using a clay bar. I like the way you just use it with shampoo. I used it today. Highly recommend this to anyone!!

  44. Great product really easy to use!

  45. Used a couple of times now. Really easy to use and works a treat. Much quicker than clay bar.

  46. Much easier to use than a clay bar amazing product

  47. Wow! Used a fair few clay bars over the years but this is by far the easiest, quickest, safest and most reusable of them all! Another great CC product!!

  48. Best clay system I’ve ever used

  49. Very easy to use, very good results & very good value for money, will be using these from now on!

    Thanks !!

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