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Supreme Plush Microfibre Wheel Mitt

Supreme Plush Microfibre Wheel Mitt

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Supreme Plush Microfibre Wheel Mitt

Our dedicated Supreme Plush Microfibre Wheel Mitt is designed to safely clean the most complex of wheels with the most delicate of finishes.

Created from the same soft microfibre material as our Plush Wheel Brushes, the long pile gently lifts road grime, dirt and brake dust away from the surface to help prevent scratching.

The super absorbent foam layer retains the wash solution, releasing it during use, preventing the wheels from drying out whilst lubricating the surface to prevent swirls.

  • Machine Washable a 40C
  • 20 x 25cm
  • Super soft plush microfibre construction
  • Foam-lined to retain wash solution
  • Ergonomic shape with thumb shape for maximum dexterity.
  • Made in Korea



  1. Great for cleaning my multi spoke ALPINA alloys which are very difficult to clean. Make the job much easier

  2. Normally use a the wheel brush but bought this and found it excellent. Can get into nook and cranny of the wheels, that brush can’t reach.

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