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Lusso Shampoo & Ultimus Snow Foam Combo

Lusso Shampoo & Ultimus Snow Foam Combo

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Our Best Selling Cleaning Combo! Ultimus for a pre-wash with superb cleaning power and Lusso Shampoo for swirl free hand washing.

Lusso Shampoo 2.0

Our Brand New Gunmetal Lusso Shampoo is a pure shampoo containing no oils or gloss enhancers. It’s super slick formula removes dirt & traffic film safely, without inhibiting hydrophobic properties (sealant-safe).

The pH neutral formula provides superior cleaning power, without removing any sealants, waxes or coatings. It’s ultra slick high foam formula is designed to give the highest levels of lubricity, braking the surface tension gently and lifting dirt particles away from the surface.

The highly concentrated formula only requires 20ml of shampoo per bucket.

  • Super Slick formula
  • Highly concentrated
  • Will not damage your protection
  • pH neutral
  • Pure shampoo (no oils or gloss enhancers)
  • Carbon Collective Signature Blend Scent


Ultimus Snow Foam

Ultimus supersedes our original Satsuma Snow Foam, it has been completely re-designed and re-imagined.

Ultimus is a super concentrated formula, designed to create high foam quantity & density whilst providing superb cling properties. It’s the ultimate snow foam.

The vehicle should be foamed & left to dwell before hand washing. The snow foam is formulated to remove contaminants and lift surface dirt to create the safest wash possible.

When teamed up with our HD lance, the super concentrated formula generates maximum foam density and cling, only requiring 50ml of foam per 1L lance bottle.

Being pH neutral, the gentle surfactants effortlessly remove traffic film & embedded dirt without damaging sealants, waxes or coatings.

  • 50 ml per 1 litre for medium foam
  • 100ml per 1 litre for thick dense foam
  • pH neutral
  • Maximum foam density
  • Extended dwell time
  • Superb cleaning power

Use our HD lance for maximum effect



  1. Great product with fantastic results and up there with the leading brands!!

  2. Always wanted to try carbon collective, and I’m glad I did very impressed with all the products, thanks

  3. The snow foam dwells nicely and rinses so much better than other products. The shampoo is also great, with not too much needed per bucket.

  4. After using multiple other pre wash and wash methods this little duo from CC is the perfect combination! Used for the first time the other week and the results were amazing, I couldn’t believe the shine despite the shampoo having no gloss enhancers or oils! 100% my go too due, can’t wait to use it again this weekend.

  5. Unlike some thick snow foam products, Ultimus actually stays on the car for a good length of time and doesn’t just fall off! However, it rinses off very well. Lusso foams up well in the bucket and keeps the foam going to the end of the wash. Once rinsed off, leaves the car smooth to the touch and no residue. Great value in the combo kit.

  6. The ultimate combo where just a little drop goes a long way. 10/10

  7. Perfect combination and always happy with any of the Carbon C’s products!

  8. i like it!! thank you for good shampoo!!!

  9. Excellent product easy to use and high gloss finish

  10. Great combination pair, love these products.

  11. A Carbon Collective convert having had my wife’s car detailed and ceramic coated. Thought I’d try out the Ultimus, Lusso shampoo and Hybrid Coating on my car, and so pleased I did. Washing the car was a joy, and it’s never looked better. I’ll be buying more of the range soon!

  12. I have used other high end branded products and these finally have raised the bar! First off the packaging in which it was sent was great bottles where wrapped in cling film to prevent leakages and protected very very well! Bag they came in was super fancy too!
    For the actual products the snowfoam unlike others I have used actually lifts all the dirt and along with citrus makes bug splatters effortless 99% removed just by allowing it to sit and a rinse with the jet wash! And Lusso is the first soap I have used which seems to glide on the paintwork and when rinsed doesn’t leave residue!
    A little goes a long way with crazy good results!
    If you want a to try carbon collective try these first and it will install all the confidence from basic products that have been executed perfectly!

  13. New to using high quality cleaning products. The shampoo and snow foam are great! Easy to use and notice the difference from previous car wash shampoos that I have used.
    Great products

  14. Fantastic products, the Lusso Shampoo really is great , hard to believe its PH neutral, yet to try the Foam but if its as good as other products form Carbon Collective im sure it will be spot on.

  15. Ultimas clings to the car and with a quick rinse with the pressure washer the dirt just disappears. Lusso is just as good and can be used stand alone on lighter soiled car. Converted to carbon collective.

  16. Bought as a gift very good!

  17. Excellent product, i’ve used other products but these were by far the best.

  18. Easy to use and great results

  19. Brilliant product. The Lusso Shampoo has a very nice scent to it as well.

  20. Excellent product, it done everything it said in the description.

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