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Essential Wash Kit (pH Neutral)

Essential Wash Kit (pH Neutral)

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Essential Wash Kit (pH Neutral)

The Carbon Collective Essential Wash Kit is designed to provide all the essential products you need to effectively and safely clean and maintain your vehicle, regardless of whether it’s a motorbike, classic car, or brand new vehicle.

Included in this kit are three key products: Ultimus Snow Foam, Lusso Shampoo, and React Fallout Remover. These products are specifically formulated to be gentle on all types of exterior surfaces, effectively removing even the most stubborn dirt and grime. Importantly, they won’t harm or degrade ceramic coatings, sealants, or waxes that may already be applied to your vehicle.

We’ve made this kit more affordable by offering a pre-discounted price and making it available in larger jerry can sizes, enabling you to refill your bottles and reduce plastic waste.

For added versatility, include Citrus Cleanser as a pre-wash treatment to tackle tough contaminants like tree sap, bird droppings and bugs.

All of the products above are pH neutral (sealant-safe) and will not inhibit hydrophobic properties of coatings or waxes.


  1. Started to get low on the Lusso & Ultimus (500ml Combo) so made the jump up this kit. Definitely worth it.

  2. Really great value for money, great starting point for any enthusiast

  3. Love this deal

  4. Great set to get you started! Recommend combining with Hybrid to complete the set! 🙂

  5. Products really good! Do what they say!

  6. Brilliant, awesome kit.

  7. Great value for money

  8. Great value for money! all the products work fantastic and car is immaculate for the winter months to come!

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