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Ultimus Snow Foam

Ultimus Snow Foam

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Ultimus Snow Foam is a super-concentrated pH neutral formula, designed to create high foam quantity & density whilst providing superb cling properties & cleaning power. It’s the ultimate snow foam.

The vehicle should be foamed & left to dwell before hand washing. The snow foam is formulated to remove contaminants and lift surface dirt to create the safest wash possible.

When teamed up with our Ultimate HD Snow Foam Lance, the super-concentrated formula generates maximum foam density and cling, only requiring 50ml of foam per 1L lance bottle.

Being pH neutral, the gentle surfactants effortlessly remove traffic film & embedded dirt without damaging sealants, waxes, or coatings.

  • 50ml per 1 litre for medium foam
  • 100ml per 1 litre for thick dense foam
  • pH neutral
  • Maximum foam density
  • Extended dwell time
  • Superb cleaning power
  • Sealant & Wax Safe

Use our Ultimate HD Snow Foam Lance for maximum effect.



  1. Best snow foam I’ve used..

  2. By far the very best snow foam I have used

  3. Best snow foam I‘ve used so far, suds up very well and you don‘t need much of it. Got the 5 litre Container, will last for decades!

  4. Brilliant snow foam, works great at removing traffic film making cleaning easier.

  5. Simple to use and an effective snow foam – highly recommended

  6. The foam is fantastic, because stays long. I would be happy if a pump (can be attached to the mouth of a 5L bottle) release.

  7. Really like this snow foam, it clings nicely to a car coated in Oracle

  8. Best snow foam around!

  9. Fantastic results every time with this brilliant snow foam.

  10. The snow foams awesome loads of thick foam and cleaning power is perfect

  11. Fantastic snow foam. Works equally well from lance or sprayer

  12. Best snow foam yet. And no SiO2 do brilliant just does what it should do.

  13. hands down the best snow foam i’ve ever used

  14. This is the best show foam I have used. I have tried other brands and I continuously keep coming back to this one as it’s by far the best, and will continue to use it.

  15. Amazing products worth every penny

  16. My favorite pre-wash. Very thick foam.
    Decent clinging ability and cleansing power.

  17. Gives a good lather and seems to clean well.

  18. This has to be the best product out there for foam! Wish I could put pictures and videos here to show how thick foam you can produce with little amount of this. Truly amazing!

  19. Great product! Foams up so well and eats that first layer of grime so fast!

  20. Started using this snow foam late on last year, no other snow foam on the market touches this one! Highly recommended.

  21. The best snowfoam on the market by far!!

  22. Best snowfoam on the market

  23. Super thick coverage with this stuff, and visible results even on a not so dirty car. Highly recommend using this.

  24. By far the best dwelling snow foam i have used

  25. Very impressed with the foam which remains on the car well after application and doesn’t just fall off. Good job of cleaning which was then backed up with Lusso Shampoo.

  26. So far this has to be the best snow foam that I have used so far, as soon as I ran out i order the jerry can. Great product.

  27. Best snow foam you can buy!

  28. Really good snow foam makes it an easier job for the contact wash.

  29. Fantastic snow foam. A little bit goes a very long way and the thickness is perfect. I use this with the CC lance and they’re a perfect match. I found it tough in lifting dirt but still gentle on coatings

  30. This snow foam works brilliantly. Good dirt shifting properties using the guideline on the bottle. Smells good too 🙂 Recommended

  31. This is a great snow foam with the option to have it super thick or thin it down. I usually go with 25-35ml with 500ml of distilled water and it gives the right dwell time to get round the intricate parts of the car with the ‘Carbon collective ultra soft brushes’ before it dry’s. Does a great job of softening and pulling the muck off before pressure washing it off.. Followed up with the Lusso shampoo and you have a dream team!

  32. Used many of different snow foams before that say the are thick and they turn out not to be. I thought this was going to be another one off them, turns out I was incredibly wrong incredibly thick snow foam couldn’t recommend this enough defiantly going to be buying more!

  33. Very thick coverage, smells great and does its job well, paired with Lusso works a treat.

  34. A must have!!

  35. This Snow foam is great, really helps get the worst off with very little effort.

  36. Best snow foam I’ve used, good dwelling time and great at loosening all dirt up. Best products out there the carbon collective range

  37. A good snow foam, simple instruction 50ml or 100ml to a 1 litre snow foam lance bottle and top with water. I normally like auto foam by bilt hammer but I needed a thicker and a bit more time on the dwell so I can clean jams, shuts, and boot/hatch opening in warmer temps outside. I use 100ml then add a little extra water through the lance to get the consistency I like for warmer temps outside dwells really really well yet pulls the dirt off the paint work in a safe manner. Purchased through clean and shiny.

  38. Very good. Nice cling.

  39. Used the 50ml sample bottle and wow, so much better than the other make of snow foam that I have been using. Not sure it cleaned any better but it was definitely thicker and clinged to the car longer, so I am sure it was doing a better job. Will definitely be using this going forward.

  40. This is the best snow foam I’ve ever used! Clings well, it’s thick and has a great dwell time! Won’t be using any other brand!

  41. Awsome stuff, its so thick. Clings on to and smells nice as well.

  42. Very good product. Stick nicely to the car and doesn’t fall very easily. Makes cleaning my car better

  43. Literally cannot fault this snow foam! Clings perfectly and gives a good dwell time. Will definitely be buying this again

  44. Not as thick as expected but clings well giving plenty of time to clean

  45. This is the thickest snow foam I have ever used! Foam covers the entire car and lasts for a long dwell time. Makes cleaning the car a dream.

  46. By far the best snow foam i have used, excellent clinging abilities and removes a substantial amount of dirt before a contact wash. Added bonus is its sealant-safe! what more could you ask?

  47. Produces a nice thick foam, with a good dwell time and cling. Easy to rinse off with great cleaning power. Still cleans great when adjusting the dilution ratio too.

  48. Used this snow foam for years now! Wouldn’t use anything else. Nothing compares to the coverage you get with this. Definitely recommend highly.

  49. One of the best snow foam solutions Ive used . Very thick and suddy – completely breaks down the dirt. Best to let dwell for 10-15 mins and drip off, any intricate areas use a soft brush after a while. Highly recommend.

  50. Excellent product best I’ve found by far. Works great with the lance producing extra thick foam but also just as good with the foaming sprayer. Delivery is so quick aswell great job all round

  51. Best snow foam I have used. Goes on very thick and remove the dirt well. Highly recommend this product

  52. Bought a 5ltr of this snow foam with pump , very impressive!!
    Superb cleaning power and the dwell time is amazing compared to others on market !! I would use 80 ml to a ltr bottle for a super thick foam !!
    Was using bilt hamber before , but Ultimus by a long way is better !!
    Have used a few other foams ( chem guys , poor boys ) but none as good as Ultimus
    Highly recommend

  53. Top draw thick snow foam, a little goes along way!

  54. Best snow foam I’ve ever used, clingy and thick even with a broken lance..

  55. Some of the thickest and best snow foam I’ve used

  56. Awesome product been looking for thick snow foam for ages and finally found it

  57. This snow foam is by far the best I’ve used. Been disappointed with others that I’ve boat as they weren’t thick. But this stuff is amazing! Takes a lot of the bigger pieces of dirt off the car

  58. Very good. Would definitely recommend.

  59. Thickest snow foam i have used!! Works the best for me and stick like chocolate to a blanket

  60. Best snow foam I’ve used, mixes up thick and sticks to the car well, after trying some of the other brands I have definitely found the best. For anyone buying first time, just buy the biggest bottle – you won’t be disappointed

  61. Fantastic product, by far the thickest and clingiest I’ve used when mixed up with 100ml per 1000ml – I won’t use anything else now having tried quite a few alternatives!

  62. Tried this recently and can say its very good. Noticeably different (better) than other makes. Nice and thick and does what you want it to!

  63. Tried many, many snow foams over the years. This is the best. Thick, removes the dirt i.e. does what it is supposed to do. Bought the 5ltr bottle as it’s so good will only be using this in the future.

  64. The quality is as expected from CC. I’ve gotten great results just from letting the product work by itself. Good dwell time. Ended up owing another detail buddy a 1L bottle. Lol – buying by the gallon next time.

  65. Amazing quality. Just the weight of the snow foam lance tells you that it’s going to last. Ultimus snow foam paired up with the lance produces thick foam that pulls the road dirt off the car as it fall down the bodywork. Great products. Super fast delivery

  66. Brilliant snow foam, super thick when paired up with the carbon collective snow foam lance!

  67. Bought this as ive been using up the Sample bottles that i had, awesome products it helps to remove alot of the muck from the car before you start to use shampoo . great service and very quickly got it in time for the weekend starts

  68. Tried the sample bottle of ultimus and knew I had to get more! Comes up very thick, leave to dwell then combine with Lusso makes cleaning super easy!

  69. Snow foam with lance is amazingly foamy! Sticks to car unlike anything I’ve seen. Makes washing your car fun!

  70. First time using any CC product and must say, this is very impressive! Super thick coverage, left to dwell and all surface muck was removed upon pressure washing. Will definitely be buying another bottle once this has gone!

  71. Used the new snow foam lance today along with ultimus snow foam. It was great very thick coverage on the car, with good cleaning properties. Went on to use more of carbon collective sample box off tricks to finish the car off.

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