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Revive Foaming Leather Cleaner

Revive Foaming Leather Cleaner

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Revive Foaming Leather Cleaner – 2.0

Clean & Condition your leather in one easy step.

Our Revive Leather Foam gently lifts ingrained dirt & grime from within leather/vinyl grain whilst conditioning & restoring that new leather feel & smell.

Unlike direct spray Leather Cleaners, our foaming formula & super-efficient pump head turn just 0.8ml of liquid into dense foam. Deep clean the surface safely without the risk of over-saturating the leather in excess liquid. Simply pump the cleaner directly onto one of our Interior Brushes and massage the foam into the leather.

Revive leaves minimal residue behind, making it ideal for prepping the surface to receive our Finire Leather Sealant or Platinum Leather Ceramic Coating.

The pH-neutral formula is delicate on all leather & vinyl finishes.


  • – Test on a small area first. Apply 1-2 pumps of foam onto our interior cleaning brush.
  • – Working in a tight circular motion massage the foam into the leather.
  • – Foam will discolour as the dirt is removed.
  • – Using a soft microfibre, wipe off all excess foam.
  • – Wear gloves during application.
  • – Do not allow cleaner to dry. Keep out of reach of children. Do not ingest.

200ml bottle with foaming pump head.


  1. This product is so easy to work with and does a tremendous job. Nothing better IMO. Great job CC team!

  2. Great product! Best leather cleaner I have used! Smells great also.

  3. You won’t find a better and easier to use leather cleaner.

  4. Excellent product. Leaves a matt and clean surface for a long time. Non slippery!

  5. This is a must have product for anyone that has old, shiny leather. The bolster and contact points on my M3 had gone patchy and shiny but with a few squirts of this on their brush, it looks as good as new. The product blends well with the rest of the leather and leaves a fresh new leather smell. Buy it now!

  6. Purchased the revive leather cleaner partnered with the interior brush. Hands down the best leather cleaner on the market. I’ve used multiple big brand names before and none come close to this the results are night and day! Will defiantly purchase again.

  7. One of the best leather cleaners out there, especially good on steering wheels bringing them back to the factory finish!

  8. Quality product used it on my sofa’s after we moved house. So much dirt came off them. They feel like new. Shame I can’t put a picture up.

  9. Brilliant product brought my seats up like new and smells like new leather also tried it on my living room chairs brought them up a treat as well

  10. Phenomenal Product! Haven’t used a leather cleaner like it! My go to product now!!

  11. Used on my steering wheel and it brought back the matte finish to the leather. Used other leather cleaners in the past and this is the best one I’ve used.

  12. Great product made my steering wheel look like new

  13. Used this revive leather cleaner and it truly works wonders. I thought my leather was clean, it isn’t until you use this stuff!

  14. Great product the best leather cleaner i have used so far, left my audi seats looking and smelling fresh

  15. Ordered this product few months back and I forgot to use it… OMG it was great and the dirt it lifted was amazing. Would highly recommend this product as it’s so easy to use

  16. The Best leather cleaner in the world, I really love it, the finish and how it smells are awesome.

  17. Worked wonders on my leather seats and steering wheel! 4 years of grime and dirt wiped away in minutes.

  18. Bought this immediately after seeing the condition of the leather seats on my new car.
    The included brush makes it so easy to apply, and true to its word the seats not only smell fresh they look brand new, don’t hesitate, just buy this!

  19. Possibly the best leather cleaner I’ve ever used, took all the shine out of my golf seats, it’s left them looking brand new, highly recommended!

  20. This stuff is magic. Applied to my white leather seats and the difference is like night & day. Great Product

  21. Great product! You won’t be disappointed. Use it with the interior cleaning brush and works like magic. It doesn’t make you scrub a lot, minimum effort, great results.

  22. Very useful product, easy to use and makes a great difference to my interior

  23. Easy to use. Whether it be for a beginner or a professional.
    Lifts a lot of dirt with minimal effort.
    A little goes a long way.

    Would definitely recommend this product to anyone with leather.

  24. Best leather cleaner I’ve ever bought, just amazing!

  25. Love this stuff, better than anything else out there

  26. Excellent product and cleans leather seats, biringing them back to nearly new.

    One word of caution is be careful if being used on an area where a SMART repair has been done on leather. I cleaned an area in my car which had been repaired, not a great one, and the product removed some of the leather paint.

    I would definitely recommend this product and will continue to use it.

  27. Very Good product definitely will be buying again

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