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Detailing Wheel Bucket – 13L

Detailing Wheel Bucket – 13L

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Detailing Wheel Bucket – 13L

Introducing our dedicated Detailing Wheel Bucket in 13 Litres. Designed in a smaller size for ease of use whilst cleaning your wheels, saving water and being easier to carry.

The compact form gets you closer to your wheels, meaning using one of our Microfibre Wheel Mitts or wheel brushes is easier than ever. Being compact, the Wheel Buckets are a more accessible size to fit in sinks, under taps, shelving and other small spaces.

Our buckets are injection moulded with a reinforced design, for a high gloss, durable bucket.

Perfectly designed to fit our Vortex Grit Guard, reducing the chance of dirt and grit particles being circulated back onto the wheels or paint.

Whilst these are smaller buckets, they still fit our full size Gamma Seal Bucket Lids, meaning you can store water for cleaning/detailing on the go, or store water for camping, hiking, photo shoots or other activities.

Clear Bucket – Option

The transparent design allows you to monitor the water level & the amount of dirt in the bucket, and the scale on the side ensures your dilution ratios are accurate.


  • 13 Litre Capacity
  • Reinforced Construction
  • 90 mil Thick Plastic
  • Designed for our Gamma Seal Lid
  • Perfect fit for our Vortex Grit Guard
  • Metal Handle
  • Plastic Grip
  • Injection Moulded
  • High Gloss Durable Finish
  • Screen Printed Logo
  • Liquid Scale for Accurate Dilutions

Colours Available:

  • Signature Teal
  • Clear Teal

Optional Extra:

  • Gamma Seal Lid


  1. Great quality bucket, and the organiser will be great for holding my brushes and wash mitt so no more fishing for brushes at the bottom of the bucket. Great service and fast delivery.

  2. Like everything I have purchased from Carbon Collective…. Good quality, well made and a good price. The bucket organiser is brilliant! Keeps everything close to hand at the washing stage. Fast delivery too.

  3. Class bucket , keeps all my brushes sponges in one place , ordered the grit filter also first class product

  4. I ordered the bucket organiser and i don`t know how i managed without this simple attachment all these years. Its well made and keeps all my wheel brushes to hand, instead of finding them amongst the soapy water. The service was great and i was kept informed from placing the order to delivery.

  5. Very good quality bucket, lid seals nicely and the organiser is great for keeping tools and mitts in while carrying the bucket with holes in the bottom to stop any water building up too

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