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VORTEX Grit Guard

VORTEX Grit Guard

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Our Vortex Grit Guard has over 300 tapered holes, filtering the wash solution, trapping dirt & grit in the bottom of the bucket, preventing it returning back into the wash solution, causing damage to the paint.

Damage to paintwork often occurs during the wash process. our revolutionary Vortex Grit Guard helps prevent swirls and scratches frequently caused during this process.


  • 26CM Diameter
  • 3.6cm Deep
  • One-piece design
  • Filters wash solution preventing swirls & scratches
  • Slim design ensures maximum use of wash solution
  • Over 300 evenly spaced holes
  • Tapered hole design traps dirt


  1. Been using this product for about 3-4 months now and I must stay the amount of small sediment that is captured at the bottom of the bucket is great, saving the paint work minimizing the amount of swirls produced for the contact wash. Unlike other grit guards they stay at the bottom of the bucket. Definitely would recommend.

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