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Underbody Rust Protection Kit

Underbody Rust Protection Kit


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Underbody Rust Protection Kit

Our Underbody Protection Kit is designed and engineered to provide hassle-free underbody and chassis protection for any vehicle. This two-step process consists of our Elixir Salt Remover to remove road salt, grime and prepare your vehicle for protection. Our Helix Anti-Corrosion Spray is the second step, to provide an easy, effective and durable, clear protective coating to prevent rust, corrosion and halt any existing rust.

Elixir Salt Remover is a foaming, low-pH pre-wash, specifically formulated to remove granular road salt, grit and inorganic road film. The foaming nature of the product allows a longer work time, breaking down salt and other contaminants over time or allowing you to agitate the surface (where needed) and further remove embedded contaminants and underbody road film.

Helix Anti-Corrosion Spray is a quick and easy solution for underbody and rust protection. Helix creates a transparent protective film preventing the formation of rust and corrosion, repelling moisture and halting existing rust on both flat panels and in cavities.

1 Litre Kit Includes:

2 Litre Kit Includes:

  • 2 Litre Elixir Salt Remover Concentrate
  • 2 Litre Helix Anti-Corrosion Spray

2 Litre Kit + Chassis Kit Includes:

  • 2 Litre Elixir Salt Remover Concentrate
  • 2 Litre Helix Anti-Corrosion Spray
  • 1 Metre Dip Tube + 2 Litre Jerry Can Cap (Easy Installation)
  • Professional Spray Nozzle
  • Spare Spray Nozzle
  • 1 Metre tube with a 360° end piece for cavities, sills, tubing and box sections.


Pre-soak with Elixir Salt Remover Concentrate before snow foaming or washing.

On first use, we suggest a stronger dilution to remove any long-term salt and road grime build-up.

  • Apply to the lower half of the vehicle, under arches and chassis.
  • Leave to dwell for 10 minutes, rinse until water runs clear.
  • After removal of road salt, we suggest protecting with our Helix Anti-Corrosion Spray.

How to apply Helix Anti-Corrosion Spray:

For the best results, we recommend using our Elixir Salt Remover before application.

  1. Thoroughly clean the area prior to application, removing loose debris to ensure maximum contact with the surface.
  2. Spray on liberally from top to bottom, ensuring the entire surface is evenly covered.
  3. In tighter areas, force the liquid into the gaps and cavities, to protect from the inside out.
  4. Allow the surface to dry completely before driving in wet conditions.


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