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Ultimate HD Snow Foam Lance

Ultimate HD Snow Foam Lance

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Get the most from your snow foam with our Ultimate HD Snow Foam Lance.

We have designed our Ultimate HD Snow Foam Lance to fix the flaws of standard snow foam lances.

The compact, yet sturdy design allows the lance to stand up even when empty, preventing unwanted spillage.

We’ve designed the bottle with a 46mm neck and increased the bottle capacity to over 1L, allowing for easy filling when adding water to your snow foam mixture and ensuring minimal waste.

Designed to give you the thickest blanket of foam possible, the lance forces the foam mixture through a metal gauze filter, producing a consistent thick foam. The ergonomic nozzle head allows easy spray pattern adjustment.

All brass construction has been plated to prevent oxidisation, extending the working life of the lance.

We’ve added a heavy-duty filter on the pick-up tube to prevent any debris from entering the lance.

  • Chrome Plated Finish Resists Oxidisation
  • Heavy Duty Construction
  • Filtered Pick-Up Tube
  • Large 46mm Bottle Neck For Easy Filling
  • Over 1L Filling Capacity
  • Clear Measurement Window
  • Measurements From 100ml-1000ml For Accurate Filling
  • 1/4″ Quick Release Adapter Fitted As Standard

Please check your Adapter Type before ordering.

Additional replacement Filter Gauze also available.


  1. Absolutely brilliant ! Had my old one for years and thought that was good, but this is leaps and bounds ahead!

  2. Great lance although i find it has a heavy flow and goes through the container far quicker than my previous non branded lance.

  3. Just amazing ! – can’t believe Iv cleaned cars for so long without – makes such a difference…. Just Wow !

  4. Excellent product, wide foot print bottle definitely an improvement on the old style lance, no more falling over

  5. Excellent piece of kit, perfect results with Ultimus snow foam

  6. Great bit of kit and the quality is noticeable straight out of the box

  7. Performance to match the looks! The lance provides a good thickness of foam and has lots of adjustability to get the foam you desire. The bottle has a scale down one side, aiding in the measuring of products. A good size opening to ensure no product is wasted when filling, and best of all the bottle is stable and will remain upright when not in use, ensuring that no product is wasted by it falling over, as is what used to happen with my previous snow foam. Coupled with the Carbon Collective Short Swivel Trigger Gun, is a winning combo!

  8. Very good stuff

  9. Eeay to set up, very pretty.

  10. The build quality of this lance is fantastic. Having used several others, this is by far my favourite. I love the fact that it is so sturdy when it’s stood upright, and it looks incredible too!

  11. Great bit of kit and it stands up! Used with the Carbon collective snow foam gives outstanding results. Easy to control and adjust

  12. Love it

  13. There are some regrets, but I still use it well
    Thanks for making a good item

  14. It’s so pretty. It can be shipped to Korea.

  15. After using a karcher product for years, this is a nice bit of detailing kit, and lays a nice thick coat of Ultimus when adjusted right.
    However…The karcher K fitting is somewhat flawed in my opinion as becomes loose on the supplied threaded coupling when interchanging. Use the quick release fitting supplied and its fine. Also the flow knob is very course so only found a good foam when on minimum if using ultimus watered down. Too expensive to run in concentrated amounts. The product is heavy duty and made well.

  16. I used this for the first time today, not only can you adjust the spray width and the water to foam mix but finally Carbon Collective have created a snow foam sprayer that can stand up without falling over and has a wide neck to ease pouring in the Ultimus solution. This product is a god send and it’s clear that care was taken in its design and a functionality

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