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The Softest Detailing Brushes On The Market
26th September 2023 Carbon Collective

The Softest Detailing Brushes On The Market

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The Softest Detailing Brushes On The Market?

Our ethos at Carbon Collective is always quality. We strive to create the best products we can; products that are dependable, products that work time and time again and even, market leading products. Market leading like our Ultra Soft Detailing Brush Set, potentially the softest detailing brushes on the market.

The aim with our Ultra Soft Detailing Brush Set was to create the softest, non-scratch brushes suitable for any vehicle or any surface. Meaning they could be used on a one-off hyper car, a classic car or a brand new car with lots of gloss black plastics without the worry of scratching the surface.

Testing The Brushes

Our Ultra Soft Detailing Brush Set is designed for the professional detailer, but at an affordable price.

The Ultra Soft synthetic bristles are designed to remove dust & debris from the most sensitive of surfaces without scratching or marring as proven in the Pro Detailer Magazine group test (Issue 15).

Pro Detailer Magazine carried out their own independent group test of 6 different brands, different brushes and even a generic paintbrush claiming to be “ultra-soft”. The test was specifically for marring or scratching on piano black trim, which are notoriously easy to mar if not treated gently. Piano black trim is also more and more common on modern cars, both on the interior and exterior and this is where our Ultra Soft Detailing Brushes excel.

Pro Detailer Magazine tested by splitting up a gloss black panel into sections and each brush was used in a normal manner, by the same person, brushing ten times in one direction and ten times in the opposite direction with slight pressure. A very simple but effective test to show how each brush effected the brand new panel.

Test Conclusion

The Carbon Collective Ultra Soft Detailing Brush Set was the ultimate winner, showing no signs of marring, scratching or marks on the gloss black trim.

“Carbon Collective was the ONLY brush to show zero marring. None. Nadda. A combination of ultra-soft bristles and zero rigidity means it absorbed any pressure exerted and still swept without damage to the glossy surface… So if you’re dusting a grand piano, brushing a black trim, or sweeping a satnav screen, Carbon Collective can help.”

Carbon Collective beat all of the other contenders such as WorkStuff, MAFRA, Detail Factory and ValetPro. This doesn’t mean that the other brushes are bad in any way, we just took the crown for the Softest Detailing Brushes overall.

We would like to confirm, that we are in no way affiliated with Pro Detailer Magazine, their test was completed independently.

The Ultra Soft Brush Set

We generally use these brushes for gloss black plastics or gloss black finishes such as wheels on the exterior of vehicles, agitating snow foam which has been left to dwell and already broken down or pulled off any dirt or grime on the surface. Using a smaller bucket or large jug, mixed with a shampoo solution to rinse the brush after each time we agitate the surface and ensuring any dirt lifted from the surface is rinsed off the brush before agitating the next area.

However, that’s not to say you can’t use them on the interior, as these are perfect for using dry, dusting interiors, screens, buttons, air vents, textured surfaces and everything in-between.


  • Non-scratch construction
  • Ergonomic design
  • Chemical resistant
  • No metal parts to reduce the chances of scratching surfaces
  • Ultra Soft synthetic bristles
  • Can be used wet or dry
  • Can be used with cleaning products

This set contains 4 Ultra Soft Detailing Brushes:

  • No. 10 210mm Brush
  • No. 12 220mm Brush
  • No. 16 230mm Brush
  • No. 18 240mm Brush

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