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Spray Extension Kit (Sprayer & 1 Metre Hose)

Spray Extension Kit (Sprayer & 1 Metre Hose)


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Carbon Collective Spray Extension Kit includes a Professional Sprayer and a 1 Metre Extension Hose, designed to be used with our 2 Litre Jerry Cans.

This kit allows you to carry the 2 Litre Jerry Can in one hand, whilst spraying with the other, for maximum manoeuvrability and access to the vehicle.

It also offers superior application coverage, fully adjustable nozzle from wide mist to steam, ensuring even coverage and reaching difficult-to-access areas.

The 1 Metre dip tube includes a plastic filter and 2 Litre Jerry Can cap, to ensure the extension can be used on any product within our detailing range.

Spray Extension Kit Includes:

  • 1 Metre Dip Tube
  • Professional Spray Nozzle
  • 2 Litre Jerry Can Cap to ensure a quick and easy installation.

Optional Extra:

  • 360 Degree Cavity Nozzle (For Underbody Protection)


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