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Scrub Guard – Mitt Grit Guard

Scrub Guard – Mitt Grit Guard


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Scrub Guard – Mitt Grit Guard

Unlike traditional Grit Guards which sit at the bottom of your bucket, our angled Scrub Guard allows you to scrub your mitt or wash pad against it, removing loose grit and grime, ensuring it’s as clean as possible before coming in contact with your vehicle.

90% of wash-related scratches and swirls happen during the contact wash process with dirt being trapped between the surface and your mitt causing marring and damaging the paint.

Our Scrub Guard creates an internal washboard inside your bucket, allowing you to clean the mitt or pad between sections before returning it to the vehicle, dramatically reducing swirls and scratches.

Function 1:

Our Scrub Guard has tapered hexagonal tunnels, filtering out grit, stones & dirt, allowing them to fall to the bottom of the bucket separating them from the wash solution and preventing them from returning.

Function 2:

The ergonomic curved surface is designed to work as a “wash board” removing debris and contaminants picked up by the wash mitt or pad, preventing them from being transferred back onto the car.

Function 3:

Use the Scrub Guard as an external wash board for your wash mitts or pads. Remove the scrub guard from the bucket to rinse and dry your wash mitt/pad ready for your next wash, without touching the floor.


  • Ensure the bucket is the right size, the guard requires a smooth-sided tapered bucket to fit snugly.
  • Push the grit guard down into the bucket until it fits tight.
  • Fill with water along with your favourite shampoo.
  • The guard can be fitted in your rinse or wash bucket, it will even fit in our 13L dedicated wheel bucket.
  • During the wash process, agitate the mitt against the internal surface, cleaning the mitt before returning it to the vehicle.

Product Info:

  • Designed to fit in both our 20L and 13L buckets
  • Reduces wash-related marring and scratches
  • The tapered design creates a seal around the guard preventing grit from returning into the wash solution
  • Ergonomic curved surface for easy mitt agitation.

We recommend this guard when using “rinseless” washing techniques.



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