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Sateen Rubber & Tyre Protectant

Sateen Rubber & Tyre Protectant

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Sateen Rubber & Tyre Protectant

Unlike any other product on the market, our revolutionary new formulation creates a durable coating which bonds to the surface and cures to become dry to the touch. Ensuring no sling or transfer!

Sateen‘s anti-static properties repels dust, dirt & water, becoming the new active layer on the surface.

Water-based & durable, providing a long-lasting UV protective layer on tyres & rubber, lasting weeks, not days!

When 1 coat is applied, rubber is left with a rich satin finish, resistant to water, oil & dirt.

Layering up additional coats increases gloss levels. For a long-lasting wet-look finish, apply 2-3 coats, 15 minutes apart.

  • Water-Based
  • Long-Lasting
  • Water Repellant
  • Oil Repellant
  • Dirt Repellant
  • No Sling
  • Satin Finish (1 coat)
  • Gloss Finish (2-3 coats)
  • Durability of 3+ weeks


Directions For Use:

Ensure all previous tyre dressings and silicones have been removed prior to application.

Clean surface thoroughly with APC or Citrus Cleanser to remove dirt & old dressings.

Always apply on a dry surface, if possible dry with our Air Force 1 Dryer.

Apply 3-4 sprays onto one of our foam tyre applicators.

Apply evenly over the surface until the desired effect is achieved.

The coating will begin to clear as the coating cures.

Apply 2 coats for maximum gloss.



  1. Having tried many tyre dressings over the years this product is far away the best. Really easy to apply, dry in minutes and absolutely no sling.

  2. Fantastic Satin finish, not over the top or in your face just a quality finish as expected. Zero fling with this product. Looks great.

  3. The best tyre dressing I’ve ever used. Love the finish and easy to apply. Most importantly it does not sling.

  4. Unbelievably good product. Lovely satin finish.

  5. By far the best, most long lasting tyre dressing u will ever use. 2 sprays on the applicator will easily coat 1 tyre. highly recommend

  6. By far the best tyre dressing i have ever used. Looks good, doesnt sling and smells good while applying. What more could you want? Found it works well on black exterior plastics as well.

  7. I’ve found this to be the best tyre dressing. When dry it does not create any sling and results in warmer weather have lasted me 2/3 weeks and in winter around a week and a half. When used with the Carbon Collective applicator it’s an almost effortless application

  8. Easy to apply, little goes a long way, nice rich tyre shine, only downside is durability isn’t very long, at a push just over a week with rain

  9. Excellent product. Does not sling into rims after it has dried unlike other products whilst giving right amount of shine. Totally worth every penny!

  10. Best tyre dressing hands down. Easy to apply, looks great and never even seen tyres bead before.

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