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Ultra Soft Detailing Brush Set

Ultra Soft Detailing Brush Set


5.00 out of 5
17 Reviews
(17 customer reviews)

Our Detailing Brushes are designed for the professional detailer, the Ultra Soft synthetic bristles are designed to remove dust & debris from the most sensitive of surfaces without scratching.

  • – Non-scratch construction.
  • – Ergonomic design.
  • – Ultra Soft synthetic bristles.
  • – Can be used wet or dry.
  • – Can be used with cleaning products.

This set contains 4 Ultra Soft Detailing Brushes:

  • – No. 10 210mm Brush
  • – No. 12 220mm Brush
  • – No. 16 230mm Brush
  • – No. 18 240mm Brush

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17 reviews for Ultra Soft Detailing Brush Set

  1. Dilan (verified owner)

    These brushes are ridiculously soft, but still clean great. I’ve always been hesitant to use brushes, but I have no worries about these marking my wheels at all. For £20, these brushes are better than some I’ve used which cost double.

  2. Carl (verified owner)

    Great ultra soft brushes.
    AD’s soft brushes marked my painted wheels, but these are too soft to cause any damage.
    Really happy with them so far!

  3. cps85 (verified owner)

    Great soft set of different sized brushes, ideal for interior and exterior. They are really soft yet clean brilliantly.

  4. andy.riley8 (verified owner)

    Brilliant set of super soft detailing brushes. The different sizes are great and clean brilliantly

  5. Scott Wilton

    Softest brushes I’ve ever had. Great quality very recommended

  6. Steven Lapping (verified owner)

    Excellent brushes much better quality than others I have used

  7. shiv patel (verified owner)

    as soft as a cat

  8. Robert Scott (verified owner)

    Amazing product. Worth every penny

  9. Michael Foster (verified owner)

    The brushes are extremely soft and gentle. They are perfect for cleaning and dusting even the softest piano black trim, and instrument binnacle without marring. Perhaps a little to soft for heavier cleaning, but perfect for soft paints or around badges without leaving any marks, which previously has been an issue with harder brushes. I would definitely recommend these and great for the price.

  10. ayubkhan123 (verified owner)

    Best detailing brushes I’ve used, so soft to the touch ensuring no damage

  11. Phil (verified owner)

    Brilliant product!!! Won’t buy any other brushes from now on, these are well made do the job brilliantly!

  12. Steve H Badger

    Other brushes I have used despite being described as soft, have been as rough as a badgers anus. These are on are different level so soft and perfect for vents, black piano wood and cleaning around badges, vents and door handles. Great product at a very competitive price.

  13. kyle purdy (verified owner)

    Love them! Good value

  14. empirecustomsautomotive (verified owner)

    Best on the market, you can see where your money goes with Carbons products – softest brushes out there and built to last.

  15. duffyalan (verified owner)

    softest on the market

  16. Alicia Beynon (verified owner)

    Bought these to clean the tricky bits of my car such as between small spaces in the interior and between the honeycomb pieces on my grille. They are so soft they will do absolutely no damage to anything unlike many hard bristle brushes on the market. I really recommend these to really get a thorough clean even in the smallest spaces on the most sensitive materials.

  17. Mitchell Gooding (verified owner)

    Best detailing brushes on the market! Soo soft and easy to use

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