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Lusso Shampoo Swirl Free Maintenance Kit

Lusso Shampoo Swirl Free Maintenance Kit



Our Swirl Free Maintenance Kit is a must have to eliminate the chance of creating swirls.

The kit includes a choice of our Supreme Plush Wash Mitt or Supreme Plus Wash Pad paired with our Gunmetal Lusso Shampoo, a super-slick lubricating shampoo to help remove dirt safely when hand washing.

Lusso Shampoo is a pure shampoo containing no oils or gloss enhancers. It’s super slick formula removes dirt & traffic film safely, without inhibiting hydrophobic properties (sealant-safe).

The pH neutral formula provides superior cleaning power, without removing any sealants, waxes or coatings. It’s ultra slick high foam formula is designed to give the highest levels of lubricity, braking the surface tension gently and lifting dirt particles away from the surface.

The highly concentrated formula only requires 20ml of shampoo per bucket.

  • Super Slick formula
  • Highly concentrated
  • Will not damage your protection
  • pH neutral
  • Pure shampoo (no oils or gloss enhancers)
  • Carbon Collective Signature Blend Scent