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Supreme Plush Wash Mitt

Supreme Plush Wash Mitt

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Our Supreme Plush Wash Mitt is created from ultra soft microfibre material, the deep pile is designed to safely lift dirt particles away from the surface into its fibres.

The super absorbent foam layer retains the wash solution and releases it during use, lubricating the panel to prevent swirls.

The slim design & interior pockets allow the mitt to reach even the tightest of areas.

Machine was at 40°c using non-biological detergent.

Do not use fabric softeners.

  • 800GSM
  • 70:30
  • Ultra Soft
  • 16x28cm




  1. Out standing wash mitt
    Silky soft
    Grate product like every of of the site best round 110%

  2. Great mitt, very soft and glides along paintwork easily

  3. I’ve had many wash mitt’s over the years, but this one has to be the softest and most user friendly (most are oversized).

  4. This is mega soft, glides along wet paintwork a treat. Even after washing in the macine its still silky soft – washes really well.

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