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Sateen Tyre & Rubber Protectant (Clearance)

Sateen Tyre & Rubber Protectant (Clearance)


5.00 out of 5
17 Reviews
(17 customer reviews)

Not your standard tyre dressing!

Sateen creates a durable long lasting UV protective layer on tyres & rubber, lasting weeks not days.

Rubber is left with a rich satin finish, resistant to water, oil & dirt.

  • – Long Lasting
  • – Water Repellant
  • – Oil Repellant
  • – Dirt Repellant
  • – No Sling
  • – Satin Finish
  • – Gloss Finish With Multiple Coats
  • – Durability of 3+ weeks




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250ml, 250ml & Applicator, 500ml, 500ml & Applicator

17 reviews for Sateen Tyre & Rubber Protectant (Clearance)

  1. Nathan Kowalski

    One of my favourite products from Carbon Collective. Almost an OEM type rubber/tyre dressing. Gives such a satin look, and if you want it to appear more glossy, then just add more layers. Best tyre dressing on the market by a MILLION miles.

  2. Ben Hall (verified owner)

    Amazing stuff, used a fair few products that claim to do the same but none come close to this.
    Sticks for days, looks amazing.

  3. levivanbael

    Best tire dressing that I had, not that gloss shiny wet look, just a simple “like new” look on my tires.

  4. Todd

    Great product, given my tyres that new look again love it.

  5. ykm.alshaikh

    was gifted a bottle of sateen from a friend, I was strictly Poorboys Trim Restorer for 2 years, but now after using Sateen for the past couple of month is my new favorite.

    tire stay fresh as long as two weeks from a single application, sateen with a single application just how they looked like when the tires where first mounted (if not even better)

    move over poorboys, Sateen is here

  6. James

    Excellent product! Gives a clean look to your tyres and last for ages without losing its shine. Will definitely be getting some for myself.

  7. Andy Riley

    Excellent product again from Carbon Collective! easy to apply with no sling and leaves a great finish too. Two coats gives the best results for me.

  8. Chris (verified owner)

    Great product! No more Tyre shine all over the place after your first drive.. lovely satin finish.

    Applied it to my new tires, first application was a little time consuming but now it re-applies so easily, great work CC

  9. Ryan R

    Simply the best in the business

  10. Jack (verified owner)

    Great product, much better finish than previous products used. Preparation is key to getting the longest duration out of it.

  11. pandaman09

    Great product and price

  12. Steve (verified owner)

    Really Great Product, Gives a Good Finish and if you like a more glossy finish just apply a few more layers

  13. jimbomac1 (verified owner)

    Excellent product long lasting shine and doesn’t flick up onto paintwork like most others I’ve used would definitely recommend

  14. Sam Stants (verified owner)

    Great product – wouldn’t be without it.

  15. Gregg Stedman (verified owner)

    The tyre shine I’ve been looking for for years! Tried many different versions all promising no sling and long lasting finish but this one actually does what it promises.

    Leaves an ‘OEM+’ finish on my tyres rather than overly shiny and tacky and actually keeps the tyres dressed for longer than a few days

  16. David Carter (verified owner)

    Excellent product. Can’t find anything that come close to it. Lasts a long time even in rainy conditions unlike other products that wash off quickly. This is the only option for me.

  17. Jon (verified owner)

    Long lasting even in the wet, if you don’t like shiny wet tyres then this is gives you, gives you a new look tyre

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