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Repel Fabric Protectant (Seconds)

Repel Fabric Protectant (Seconds)

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*Seconds – These bottles have not passed quality control due to visual imperfections in the label. The product itself is of retail quality.*

Repel is a hydrophobic textile coating which creates a protective barrier. Ideal for most fabric’s, including suede & Alcantara . Unlike many other fabric protectants, our coating bonds to individual fibres, allowing the textile to remain flexible and breathable. Being solvent based, the coating dries faster, penetrates deeper and will not alter the colour or finish of the fabric.


Test on an inconspicuous area prior to application.

  • – Thoroughly clean the surface before application.
  • – Allow the surface to fully dry.
  • – Spray onto the surface evenly from a distance of 20-30cms.
  • – Touch dry in 1-2 hrs, fully cured in 24hrs.

Two coats is recommended for maximum durability.

Lasts 1 year after a full application.

Includes 24mm Sprayer Head


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