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React Wheel Cleaning Kit

React Wheel Cleaning Kit

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Introducing Our Wheel Cleaning Kit, perfect for decontaminating and safely cleaning your wheels.

Kit Includes:

  • 14″ Plush Wheel Brush (Soft Foam Head)
  • 500ml React Wheel Cleaner + 24mm Sprayer

React Fallout Remover is the latest formulation of our ever popular iron remover.

This new formulation is faster reacting, easier to spray & has a more pleasant scent, whilst remaining pH neutral.

React 2.0 is sealant safe and perfectly suited to paint, wheels & exterior surfaces.

  • New Formulation
  • New Scent
  • Easier To Apply
  • Faster Reaction
  • pH neutral
  • Sealant Safe

Our Plush Wheel Brushes are unlike traditional bristle wheel brushes, the brush heads are created from absorbent foam and plush microfibre, lifting dirt & grime safely, without scratching your precious wheels.

This 14″ brush has a soft foam head, allowing it to clean in tighter spaces, ideal for multi-spoke wheels & cars with larger brake calipers.

  • Non Scratch Handle
  • Super Soft Microfibre Heads
  • Foam Handle
  • Foam Hand Protection
  • Can Be Used With Chemicals



  1. Fantastic product! I always thought Lusso did a good job until using react too. Colour changing formula showed up a lot of grime that was embedded in.
    Wheel brush is satisfactory, doesn’t fit between wheel sections on any of my 3 cars. I thought the microfibre texture would compress when wet but it doesn’t and is still rather thick to get into the wheels. Decent enough for bigger/wider sections.

  2. Great deal, brush is very soft and perfect for wheels

  3. Used this for the first time this weekend, absolutely brill. A massive step up on what I was using before. Thanks Carbon Collective!

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