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Plush Microfibre Wheel Brush

Plush Microfibre Wheel Brush

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Introducing our Plush Microfibre Wheel Brush.

Unlike traditional bristle wheel brushes, the brush heads are created from absorbent foam and plush microfibre, lifting dirt & grime safely, without scratching your precious wheels.

We have created two versions, a 18″ version with a firm foam head, and a 14″ version with a soft foam head, both brushes are constructed from the same super soft microfibre.

The 18″ version allows you access to deep within the wheel barrel, the firm foam lends itself to removing more stubborn dirt, it’s ideal for wider 5-6 spoke wheels.

The 14″ version has a soft foam head, allowing it to clean in tighter spaces, ideal for multi-spoke wheels & cars with larger calipers.

  • Non Scratch Handle
  • Super Soft Microfibre Heads
  • Foam Handle
  • Foam Hand Protection
  • Can Be Used With Chemicals



  1. Went for just the 18” firm brush. Used it a good couple of times now and it’s a complete game changer, no more missing bits or getting your hand caught on discs and callipers as the brush can get deep inside your alloys and effortlessly cleans for you!

  2. Friend bought me the set as a thank you for paint correcting his car. Best brushes I’ve owned! Even fit behind the big brake callipers just enough to clean the barrel the whole way round. 10/10

  3. Purchased this plush wheel brush, used it the first time yesterday and it was easy and got in to the back of the wheel easy. Cleaned very well, 100 for this product

  4. Great design and easy to use, in my opinion these are the best wheel brushes on the market

  5. A nice designed brush although I found too tight to push behind calipers and disc on both sizes to reach back of the wheel. (Audis). Eventually the small brush failed though getting stuck.

  6. Finally found a decent brush after buying loads of rubbish I have bbs wheels so can be a right pain but this brush has made its joy to clean them

  7. Best brush I’ve used!

  8. Spot on product for reaching into your wheels to get them nice and clean

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