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Platinum Wheels Ceramic Wheel Coating

Platinum Wheels Ceramic Wheel Coating

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Our Platinum Wheels Ceramic Coating is an ultra-durable 9H coating which can be used on painted, powder coated, bare metal aluminium and stainless finishes. Once applied, the coating becomes the active layer on top of the wheels surface, protecting them from dirt, brake dust contaminants & even scratches.

With a resistance to heat up to 350 degrees, it makes it ideal for protecting precious vehicle components for engine, brakes, wheels & suspension.

A 15ml bottle has enough product to protect 6-8 wheels (size dependant) It can also be used to coat metal centre caps and exhaust tips.

Durable for a minimum of 2 years on a full application (two coats), wheels become effortless to clean & maintain.

Safe to be used on the following finishes:

  • Bare Metal (alloy, copper, steel, stainless, titanium)
  • Painted finishes
  • Powder coated finishes
  • Anodized finishes
  • Gloss, matt & satin finishes


  • Protects 6-8 wheels (or two coats)
  • Maximum scratch protection
  • Super-hydrophobic
  • Makes surface easier to maintain
  • Higher active content
  • Wipe on wipe off application

Durability & Scratch Resistance:

  • True 9H hardness
  • Resists heat up to 350 degrees
  • Durable for a minimum of 2 years
  • Can be topped with Oracle
  • More durable & longer lasting than dealer supplied protection
  • High chemical resistance

15ml Kit includes:

  • New Style Bottle With 2.0 Dropper
  • 15ml Bottle of Platinum Wheels Ceramic Coating
  • 1x 75mm Microfibre Applicators
  • Foil Packaging with Instructions

30ml Kit includes:

  • New Style Bottle With 2.0 Dropper
  • 15ml Bottle of Platinum Wheels Ceramic Coating
  • 2x 75mm Microfibre Applicators or 4x 75mm Microfibre Applicators
  • Foil Packaging with Instructions



  1. I used this on my Van alloys, really easy to apply and last a good amount of time before you need to re apply, certainly easier to clean once applied in comparison to my partners car that doesn’t have any wheel protection! about to place another order for my new van and car. top products as always, don’t expect anything less from CarbonCollective

  2. My satin/matte finish wheels used to be so hard to clean as stains wouldn’t go with just a regular wash. After a deep clean and clay bar, I sealed them with Platinum Wheels and dirt just runs off with just a spritz of wheel cleaner. A definite must have

  3. Это очень крутой продукт, легко наносится, достаточно экономичен, даёт нереальный блеск.
    (This is a very cool product, easy to apply, economical enough, gives an unreal shine.)

  4. Love this wheel coating. Really make light work of cleaning my customers alloys

  5. Used it on my wheels and brake callipers following a recommendation from Signature details. It still produces effortless cleaning results after 8 months of heavy use. I can’t recommend this product enough!

  6. Much better than a rival company’s version who are known for the techniqal solutions. Beads well, just need to take off the whole wheel now and do the inside. Ordered some more for another car.

  7. Extremely easy to apply and the results are amazing. I used it on brand new wheels so there wasn’t much prep i needed to do, but MAKE SURE your wheels are perfectly clean.

  8. Great product! Easy coating and long life!

  9. Great product! Really easy to apply. Beads are amazing.

  10. Great product, easy to use and keeps my wheels clean! No more sticky brake dust!

  11. Awesome product, super simple to apply and works brilliantly to protect wheels, callipers and world ace on exhausts

  12. fantastic coating, have used it for years and i find it is a lot more durable than the c5 Wheel Armour I used previously. easy application and with a dual coat, it’ll last for years

  13. Love this product including the new applicator pad. It’s so easy to apply and buff. Put on 2 coats to get the best out of the product. Have not run the wheels yet, but I have 100% confidence in this product.

  14. Great coating. Used it on my wheels for a while now and recently used it on my titanium exhaust for my motorcycle, it’s has left it looking in tip top condition for over a year now.

  15. Great product! Brake dust just falls off! Long lasting too!!

  16. Wheels take zero effort to clean after using this and barely get dirty at all! Well recommended!

  17. Easy to apply and excelent durability

  18. Worked as described and is holding up really well

  19. Excellent product application was easy had enough left to do another set of car wheels

  20. Just applied this to my wheels and can’t believe how well they’ve turned up, and also how easy it is to maintain. Would definitely recommend

  21. Really easy to apply, beading is awesome, I applied to both my brakes and wheels now they are super easy to clean!

  22. This is my first time with ceramic-based car care products.

    I bought some new wheels for my car and thought to keep them protected and clean; I should purchase some Platinum Ceramic Wheel coatings. I”ve been following Carbon Collective online for some time. I cleaned my wheels with CC React wheel cleaner. I can’t wait to use it on my other vehicle’s wheels.

    While I was at it, I bought the Platinum Ceramic Glass coating and the Platinum Ceramic plastic trim treatment. In addition, I bought a new wheel brush and extra applicator pads.

    I took the car out in the rain today; all products works very well, the mud flags, wheels, and other bits of plastic trim beaded up nicely. And they dried beautifully as well, no spotting.

    My next step is to purchase clay exfoliate, Platinum Ceramic Paint coating, the Oracle Ceramic treatment, Sateen rubber care, some detail brushes, and more applicator pads.

  23. After applying the Platinum Wheel Ceramic Coating my wheels are effortless to clean now! Never thought this little bottle can protect your wheels for years. I truly recommend this product and Carbon Collective.

  24. One of my favourite products, wheels look and stayed brand new. Beading like mad. Highly recommended!!!

  25. Effortless application and great protection

  26. Fantastic product, use on a second set of wheels to compare against Gtechniq c5 wheel armour. This wins hands down.

  27. Use this professionally on all jobs requiring wheel coating, the best around hands down. Easy to use and great results.

  28. Amazing product, had on the wheels for 6 months now and still like it was on the first wash.

  29. Used platinum ceramic coating on my newly refurbished gloss black alloys, thankfully they were clean as research suggests the success of any ceramic coating is in the prep. Fully degreased wheels with panel prep and applied 1st coat, just glides on so easy to apply. Ensure you take a methodical approach to cover every part. Super easy to wipe off excess to essentially level the coating. Allowed 2 hours and then applied 2nd coat. Could feel how the 1st coat had almost a glass like finish so 2nd coat even glossier. Thrilled with the results the black wheels look almost permanently wet and glossy. I got 2 coats on all 4 of my 20inch wheels with just a drop left to coat my centre caps. Highly recommend and have ordered more for my other cars.

  30. This stuff is amazing. It’s brought my motorcycle wheels up with a beautiful shine. Durability has yet to be ascertained but I’m confident the 9H twin coats will stand up to the elements. Easy to apply and very forgiving for the DIY user. Impressed.

  31. Great result! I highly recommend this product. Durable and reliable with a super high gloss finish

  32. amazing makes cleaning wheels so easy

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