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Metal Polishing Kit (Lustre Metal Polish & Polishing Cone)

Metal Polishing Kit (Lustre Metal Polish & Polishing Cone)

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Restore your metal finishes, without arm ache.

The kit consists of:

  • Polishing Cone
  • 100ml Liquid Lustre Metal Polish 

Our Polishing Cone attaches to your standard battery, electric or air powered drill to create a powerful polisher.

It is created from the same foam as our Orange HEX Polishing Pad, making it ideal for use with our Liquid Lustre Metal Polish.

Suitable for painted, polished, bare metal & plated finished.




  1. I’d deem this as an essential kit for polishing split rim dishes with relative ease.

    The polish is excellent on it’s own, it’s particularly useful that it changes colour so it’s easy to spot and remove.

    I’ve used the cone attachment as mentioned on split rims, but it’s also great for doing the inside of exhaust tips.

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