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Leather Wipes

Leather Wipes


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(14 customer reviews)

Our revolutionary Leather Wipes have two levels of cleaning, Deep Clean & Light Clean.

This portable leather wipe system has been formulated to be the easiest & safest way to clean leather & vinyl.

The compact wipes can be stored in your glovebox or door pocket. Ideal for removing stains, spills, sticky residue & general grime from leather & vinyl.

A pack consists of 5 Deep Clean Wipes & 5 Light Clean Wipes, each packaged in individual foil sachets.

Directions for use Deep Clean:

A dual textured synthetic wipe with cleaning dots, designed to safely lift ingrained dirt & stains from deep within the leather.

  • – Use the textured side to deep clean the dirt from leather grain & stitching.

Directions for use Light Clean:

A gentle synthetic quick wipe which swiftly lifts excess dirt into the wipe whist conditioning the leather.

  • – Use the finishing wipe to remove any remaining residue, leaving the surface clean & conditioned.

One pack consists of 10 leather wipes, 5 Deep Clean, 5 Light Clean.

Size: 15cm x 18cm

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14 reviews for Leather Wipes

  1. adamrainey (verified owner)

    So quick, so easy, so effective and, being all individually wrapped, so convenient. These wipes do the job with minimal effort and are a must have in your interior detailing arsenal

  2. m-whitfield

    Quick to use and also easy to use. Always have these to hand.

  3. James Hobson (verified owner)

    Great, simple product. Didn’t realise how much dirt was in my steering wheel before using these wipes!

  4. Petro (verified owner)

    These wipes are amazing. They make your steering wheel look like new again. No more shinny leather. All it takes is 5 minutes add there you go. Nicely packed and good price for a pack of 10.

  5. afzal08 (verified owner)

    Great product, wipes are one of the best leather cleaning items on the market. I tend to use these regular on the steering wheel and it basically brings it back to life. Never knew how much dirt there can be on a steering wheel.

  6. adamrainey (verified owner)

    Ultimate convenience. Fast and effective, does a great job and compared to the alternative methods, requires very little effort. Individually wrapped means they can be stored without worrying they will dry up and also means you can keep a couple in your car at all times just in case

  7. chris horner (verified owner)

    Blown away upon first use on a friends steering wheel on a new to him 62 plate BMW 3 series, the steering wheel after using both wipes looked and felt like new. I have a Porsche Cayenne with Teracotta leather to try these on next and sure they will remove the dye transfer with ease. Best leather wipe I have used, possibly the best leather cleaner too.

  8. Nick Beaven (verified owner)

    Great product, amazing how much dirt it lifts off what you think is a clean steering wheel. Reverts it back to looking factory fresh.

  9. David Carter (verified owner)

    Used these on a few of my cars. Great for making the steering wheel like new, would highly recommend.

  10. Ahmer Khan (verified owner)

    Can’t fault these at all, does exactly what it says. Great product!

  11. Andrew Green (verified owner)

    Used Deep Clean cloth on my 14 plate C-Class steering wheel. Can’t say wheel was overly dirty however oils had started to make leather somewhat shiny. Liked the idea of the cleaning dots for a little more aggressive cleaning over a standard cloth. Cloth removed any oils and restored a matte finish to wheel. Not sure whether the idea is to use a light clean after but I figured I’d save those for the next clean and use the deep clean sparingly.

  12. Jamie Cowlishaw (verified owner)

    Very convenient way of keeping my light coloured leather interior clean.
    They also leave a nice matt finish on the leather rather than leaving it shiny. Very happy with them.

  13. David (verified owner)

    Amazing the steering wheel looks brand new now.

  14. Anthony Whiteford (verified owner)

    Great wipes for all types of leather! Guaranteed to make your steering wheel like new!

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