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Limited Edition KLiN x Carbon Collective Twisted Drying Towel

Limited Edition KLiN x Carbon Collective Twisted Drying Towel

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KLiN x Carbon Collective Drying Towel

Don’t get it twisted, we love our Onyx Drying Towels, but it’s always nice to have options…

Coming straight out of Korea, Klin is known for high-quality towels, available in 70cm x 90cm, the white twisted absorbent towel & super soft microfibre border to help reduce marring your paint whilst soaking up a huge amount of water.

Streak-free drying thanks to the super absorbent nature of the twisted material, reducing water spots & marring during the drying process.

The Klin twisted pile drying towel is lint-free & machine washable (we suggest not to use any chemicals when washing).

  • – 80/20
  • – 600gsm
  • – White On White
  • – 70 x 90cm
  • – Twisted pile Microfibre


  1. My first try at using a Klin towel and it’s definitely not my last. This thing is amazing. Drying is a lot easier with this. A good size and great water retention

  2. Bought 2 absolutely brilliant item, I can see why they are the best in business

  3. Best thing since sliced bread, the drying power in these towels are second to none

  4. Great towel, being white is an added bonus as it clear to see any grit that may accidentally be picked up by the towel, Great size as very reasonably priced

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