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Hybrid Coating 2.0 & Free Sprayer Bottle!

Hybrid Coating 2.0 & Free Sprayer Bottle!


4.99 out of 5
106 Reviews
(106 customer reviews)

Free 500ml Sprayer Bottle with every Hybrid!

The only thing that remains the same is the name…

Our Hybrid Coating has been completely reformulated, now benefitting from:

  • – A New Signature Scent
  • – Increased Repellency
  • – Increased Durability
  • – More Concentrated
  • – High Chemical Resistance
  • – Easier To Use
  • – Stronger Chemical Bonds
  • – Faster Activation
  • – Increased Foaming Agent

Hybrid Coating is an ultra hydrophobic sealant which can be applied in a multitude of ways. The high concentrate formula is diluatable by 1:10, creating 5 Litres of sealant from a 500ml bottle or 20 Litres from a 2 Litre Jerry Can.

The coating can be applied to exterior paint, glass, wheels & plastics,  providing ultra hydrophobic protective properties, which are durable for over 3 months.

  • – Hand Sprayer
  • – 50ml Hybrid / 450ml Water = 500ml bottle
  • 100ml Hybrid / 900ml Water = 1 litre bottle
  • – Snow Foam Gun
  • 100ml / 400ml Water
  • – Direct application via our Supreme Wash Mitt or Wash Pad (apply neat to wash mitt or pad & apply to vehicle in sections)
  • – For maintenance, add 50ml in the wash bucket
  • – Clean car as usual
  • – Apply to a wet surface, ensuring the whole area has been coated
  • – Leave to dwell for 30 seconds – 1 minute
  • – Rinse vigorously with a pressure washer to activate
  • – Repeat application process for increased sheeting & for maximum durability
  • On warmer days/darker cars, we recommend applying to one panel at a time

Optional Extras:

  • – 1L Bottle & 28mm Ergonomic Thumb Sprayer

These optional extras make it easy to mix and apply hybrid on the go, just spray on and vigorously rinse to activate.

A mixing bottle can also be purchased separately here.

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500ml, 2L Jerry Can (20% Off)


Hybrid, Hybrid, 1L Bottle & Ergonomic Thumb Sprayer, Hybrid & Free Sprayer Bottle!

106 reviews for Hybrid Coating 2.0 & Free Sprayer Bottle!

  1. Richard (verified owner)

    Great product, easy to use with great results even with one application.

  2. Mat (verified owner)

    Very impressed with this product from ease of application to end result. The coating takes a fraction of the time when compared to waxing and in my opinion offers superior results. It’s ability to seal and protect multiple surfaces without leaving residue makes it perfect for those who don’t have the time to spend hours applying and buffing wax. #waxisdead

  3. Daniel frost

    Top marks for this product I use it on my car once a month and it’s perfect!!

  4. Lewis (verified owner)

    Easy to apply and provides excellent protection. Been on the car for over 4 months (used daily on Scottish roads) and still works! Wash down with snow foam and dirt comes of nice and easy! Highly recommend!

  5. Charlotte (verified owner)

    Amazing product, easy to use and gives a great gloss finish without any extra work.

  6. Alex Roberts (verified owner)

    Amazing product! Would highly recommend

  7. Mart (verified owner)

    Best quick protection and drying aid that gives better effect than most regular waxes and sealants in almost no effort.

  8. Sam Stants

    Brilliant product, easy to use and doesn’t leave any streaking or spots like other similar products on the market.

  9. Lewis Rowland (verified owner)

    Excellent product. Simple to apply and more durable than a wax. Excellent as always thanks.

  10. Sunny D (verified owner)

    Excellent product. Great in the winter months especially, giving the paint maximum protection keeping the car cleaner for longer. Haven’t needed to polish or waxed the car since. Hybrid coating and the Speciale detailer are the only products you will ever need!

  11. Peter Holmes

    Excellent product and so easy to apply. Superb results.

  12. Jake russell (verified owner)

    Amazing to use and easy to apply, use it with every valet. Nothing on the market like it! Thanks

  13. Francis Moore (verified owner)

    Instant easy results. Gives the cars beads like its brand new in minutes. Love carbon collective products

  14. Jordan H (verified owner)

    Quality product ! So quick and easy to apply !

  15. Connor (verified owner)

    fantastic stuff

  16. eddcole11

    Instant protection. Layer up for longer durability! Makes cleaning in winter so much easier and less time consuming!

  17. Steven Mills (verified owner)

    Hybrid coating diluted as instructed is an exceptional product. So easy to apply and the protection during a particularly wet march up in Scotland is clear to see. Very impressed

  18. Ryan

    Great product! Easy to apply, great protection and makes maintaince washes a breeze!

  19. Tom (verified owner)

    Use this every time I clean my car and the results are unbelievable! Using nothing but CC stuff, two coats usually better than just the one tho if I’m honest but still brilliant product.

  20. Jack (verified owner)

    Easy to apply and a joy to watch it work. Amazing results also ! Top product.

  21. Sian (verified owner)

    Absolutely amazing product the best out there by far. Easy to use and lasts ages. Would never use anything else now!

  22. Lewis (verified owner)

    resuls with this is amazing so easy to use anyone can use it!!!

  23. alexpeach150 (verified owner)

    What an unbelievable product this is, the beading is unreal!

  24. li.r

    Really impressed with this product. Very easy to use and visible protection instantly. As per product label it lasts 3 months so will be keeping an eye on it and keeping it topped up!

  25. bryn.owen.jones (verified owner)

    Really easy to use with a foam canon and results are great. Highly recommended…

  26. Nick Aristodemou

    Tried a sample of this and was amazed! Great product.

  27. Ollie C (verified owner)

    So easy to apply, great if you are short on time. I have found that it also makes the next wash so much easier too.

  28. Kegan jay

    I bought the sample kit with platinum glass and it was brilliant so now going to order a big bottle of hybrid and the air fresheners smell lovely

  29. Steven Mills (verified owner)

    Very easy to apply with outstanding results. Makes washing the car much easier too!

  30. Shelby Robertson

    This is my go to hydrophobic sealant for saving time – what more can I say! Fantastically economical with the dilution of every bottle, they last ages! And better yet… it really is as good as they videos show!
    Super easy to apply if you are in a rush and don’t have time on your side for applying waxes for hydrophobic properties. Lasts and lasts throughout maintenance washes and makes them a lot quicker too!
    Wouldn’t trust anything else to better this… Hybrid is the one and only!

  31. Rikki (verified owner)

    Fantastic product that goes a long way so it’s well worth the money, on to my third bottle now and won’t be going anywhere else for this kind of product. Like all carbon collective products I own, it’s brilliant and works perfectly.

  32. glennthompson89 (verified owner)

    Very easy to use and excellent results. If applied using a foam canon gives a hydrophobic finish in no time, brilliant when you are in a rush!

  33. A Robertshaw (verified owner)

    Unbelievable product! Visible shine and great protection, applied in spray bottle every 4 months and hydrophobic properties still visible after 4 months. I have been putting two coats on when it gets to winter for added protection.

  34. gavin

    So easy to use and does a good, noticeable job.

  35. Ben Taylor

    amazing product

  36. Chris (verified owner)

    Amazing product way better than the competition, amazing gloss finish, aids drying and washing.. my car has never looked so good!

  37. Sam Lambert (verified owner)

    Absolutely incredible! More than lives up to the hype. Lifesaver on larger cars which would take ages to get same results in more traditional ways. No need to get the steps out to reach the roof on my X6 anymore. Just rinse down, spray product, wait a minute and jet wash. Results visible instantly! My new favourite product that I can’t see being beaten for a long time.
    Can’t believe how easy it was to use and such great results so quickly on just 1st application.

  38. Chelsea (verified owner)

    5* product! Easy to use, no water marks & lasts for ages! Definitely recommend!

  39. bart de jong

    amazing product, last long and protects good!

  40. Matt Hemming

    Very very good product! Easy to apply and gives protection in an instant!!

  41. d.leeuwarden

    5 star product last long great protection

  42. Phil Connor

    This stuff is incredible. I’d say my detailing is totally like that of an onion. It’s all about the layers for me. I use Oracle then snowfoam and use Hybrid as a final stage. Maintains the Oracle and ensures I have a super hydrophobic finish on every surface of my car.
    An absolute must!

  43. Kenneth (verified owner)

    Could not be happier with this product. It really is amazing stuff and the beading results are fantastic. Long lasting too!

  44. Manuel (verified owner)

    I love this product.

  45. alexbowell09 (verified owner)

    So much easier to apply than wax as other sealants and much better beading also

  46. Andy

    Amazing product, would recommend to anyone that wants protection for their car in minutes. Lasts way longer than any wax

  47. Callum (verified owner)

    Genuinely brilliant product. About to order again

  48. David o’Leary

    Absolutley fantastic.. i have used cheaper versions of a similar product from different companies and the Hybrid is in a world of it’s own.. excellent durability from a single application

  49. l3378

    Amazing stuff!!

  50. l3378

    Another Amazing product from carbon collective!!

  51. Scott Hills (verified owner)

    Fantastic Product, absolutely love the hydrophobic properties of this. Best on the market by far!

  52. Lee Anderson

    Another quality product from CC!!

  53. spietrosanti

    I don’t normally write reviews but this is really great product and I’ve been recommending it to everyone for ages – simple to use and mix. Plus there are so many ways you can apply it, you can’t go wrong! The coating last a while but I recommend a top up application every 2-3 washes to keep your car looking great.

  54. stacey_taylor

    Great product & easy to apply!

  55. Danny Baines (verified owner)

    Only just applied this to the car and I have to say so far it has been very impressive. I applied the product using the carbon collective foaming sprayer which also did an excellent job of distributing the hybrid coating. I work for Heidelberg at one of their cement plants here in the UK an dust can be a real issue but since applying this coating it has been so much easier to come off. Cant fault it whatsoever. I’m just mainly curious to see how long it lasts.

  56. Kul

    Amazing, simply amazing. Normally I can’t be arsed to write reviews, but not this time. I was literally gobsmacked at the ease of application and the sheeting properties offered by this ‘spray on, spray off’ product. It took minutes to apply and straight away you could see the water begin to bead off. It’s a no brainier guys, if you’re sitting there hovering over the buy button, unsure. Don’t be, it’s the best thing you will buy.

  57. Tom Banks

    Amazing product and very easy to apply, results speak for themselves with exceptional beading!

  58. ba11eyu (verified owner)

    Instant protection, great beeding and easy to apply

  59. williamcolling (verified owner)

    Works just as easily as its supposed to! spray on rinse off. done.

  60. Jon bailey (verified owner)

    Great drying aid beeding is great to 5*

  61. Thomas Clorley (verified owner)

    Great product, works so much better than i thought! A great addition.

  62. g_van_den_hoek (verified owner)

    Easy to apply with outstanding results. Makes washing the car much easier too!

  63. Ashley Tibble

    This product is incredible, added 100ml to 900ml of water into my hand pump. Sprayed this on after shampooing let it sit for a couple mins rinsed it off and you can instantly see it working straight away.
    I wish I done a video of it so satisfying, product works incredible will purchase again

  64. David Fotheringham

    Brilliant product! Easy to apply for instant protection

  65. jelte85 (verified owner)

    Easy to use and long lasting.

  66. macauley.goss1998 (verified owner)

    Excellent product, arrived very well packaged and has amazing hydrophobic properties 10/10 will buy again and recommend.

  67. Dave Hackney

    Great product, easy to use with great results even with one application

  68. Philip Jones (verified owner)

    Great stuff – so easy to use. I used to use a rival brand but this started to leave marks on the paint which were difficult to remove. Hybrid is great, miles better & extremely effective . 10/10

  69. Josh (verified owner)

    A great product. Easy to use and super effective. I found spraying it directly onto the car a bit laborious so bought a foam sprayer which made it so much better and faster to apply.

  70. Matt Hemming (verified owner)

    Easy to apply and leaves great beads, 100% would recommend

  71. Elliot andrews (verified owner)

    Fantastic product does what it says buy it you won’t be disappointed

  72. Tom Norton (verified owner)

    Used this as a monthly top up for the cars’ current protection. It’s such a quick win that I even use it on the Fiancee’s car after a quick clean just to help keep the dirt and grime from sticking too much. You get a great bead off such a quick application process. Well done CC for this.

  73. James Knapp (verified owner)

    Amazing product just apply and stand back and watch the results I would recommend this to everyone

  74. ashley Friend (verified owner)

    Great product. A lot better than others on the market, also super fast delivery. 5* Highly recommend!

  75. Miltons Automotive (verified owner)

    Amazing product!
    Easy to use.
    High gloss.
    Great hydrophobic properties.

  76. kyle purdy

    Used this for the 1st time yesterday! Thought it was pricey but then considering it makes 10litres it’s actually a bargain and cheaper than the other products on the market! Great product will defo buy again

  77. Sam Harris (verified owner)

    New hybrid is amazing! Much improvement on the old version. Better foaming action and water resistance!

  78. JoshM

    Use it every time and it’s an absolute dream to use.

  79. chris horner

    Really impressed by Hybrid the ease of dilution, brilliant value for money and fantastic scent will keep me using for years to come. I have used many brands of spray and rinse sealant and as yet nothing can beat Hybrid 2.0

  80. Marc (verified owner)

    Really easy to use and the end result is amazing. First time using carbon collective products and won’t be the last.

  81. Kieran

    Wow what a product 10/10 so easy and fast to use for a phenomenal finish will be buying this in bulk

  82. Steven lapping

    Use this on my work van which has no paint protection at all and after application the water beading is excellent it also makes washing alot easier

  83. David (verified owner)

    The best yet! Smells unbelievable and the gloss is ridiculous. Beats anything else I’ve tried.

  84. Matt Talbot-Hyde

    Amazing product, easy to use with great results, far more superior to any other brand I’ve used

  85. George (verified owner)

    Absolutely Fantastic product! East to use and works wonders, makes drying your car 100x easier!

  86. Jay Pescaglini

    Easily the most exciting product on the market right now. I have a fleet of 3 at home and I desperately try and keep the Mrs car clean. But as she drives up and down country lanes every day, it’s hard to do so. I don’t have the time to keep applying sealants and waxes so this is such an incredible solution. I just use it as part of my weekly wash routine, it takes less than 5 mins extra and gives amazing results and ease for further washes. Amazing product!

  87. Ayrton Baker

    Absolutely amazing. This will be kept constantly in my detailing cupboard because it gives such a great hydrophobic coating to help with drying process

  88. Declan Whitfield

    Hybrid 1.0 was amazing.. this is just better again! Great ‘go to’ last step product before using the Air Force One dryer! Really keeps the Platinum and Oracle range topped up nicely.

  89. James Allcock (verified owner)

    Swear by this stuff! Great for maintaining the car. Love the beading it leaves on a dewy/frosty morning. Worth it

  90. Andrew Riley (verified owner)

    Hybrid 2 is an amazing product. Beads up amazing with an amazing shine especially on white!

  91. Marc Gorman

    Incredible product. Used it once and the results was amazing. Very easy to apply, I used my Snow Foam Lance which made it super easy to get good coverage. Highly, highly recommended.

  92. Philip Jones (verified owner)

    Easy to use, great result.
    The new formula is a winner, much improved

  93. Andrew Wise

    Brilliant product quick and easy to apply with quality protection.

  94. Glen baker (verified owner)

    This stuff is unreal it lasts for months on a single coat and I just use the spray bottle provided to top up just spray and wipe it over

  95. edwinbags (verified owner)

    You’ll never use traditional wax again! I have always been super skeptical of spray waxes/hydrophobic spays because they just haven’t seemed to work in the past, this is on another level, spray it on and watch it work! would 100000% recommend to anyone!

  96. Gavin Evans (verified owner)

    Goes on easily and leaves a great finish with great beading properties. Going to order some snowfoam now as well!

  97. carly.miller89 (verified owner)

    This stuff is amazing , can not recommend it anymore. Much better then all the competing companies. If your looking for a product that works how they say.. this is your stuff !!!.

  98. Chris north (verified owner)

    Used other products that do the same but really like this one other the others purely down to ease of use and the fact i can dilute so makes it cheaper to use than many others will defiantly be buying this again and again

  99. John Bristow (verified owner)

    I cant recommend this product enough, easy to apply through the snow foam lance with instant results after pressure washing off, my customers love it as well.

  100. Jamie (verified owner)

    Great product, would recommend to anyone.

  101. Tom Lambie (verified owner)

    Excellent product, brilliant time-saver with maintenance washes. Will be back for more.

  102. Jordan Hewitt (verified owner)

    Great product! Would highly recommend!

  103. Jordan Lorriman (verified owner)

    First time using it and I’m seriously impressed hardly used any of it once i added 50ml to water and done 2 cars and used a bottle and heavily applied on both

  104. Aaron Mann (verified owner)

    Fantastic product with unbelievable results. Super easy application and rinse off. Highly recommend. The free bottle with sprayer head wasn’t the best, the sprayer head broke on first use, but it was free with the Hybrid liquid so not a major issue. I ultimately care more about the quality of the product and it’s results rather than a free sprayer chucked in, and if you already have a bottle with a thumb sprayer then you’re set.

  105. Thomas

    Great product, adds a visible shine, easy to apply and gives a great smooth feel to the paintwork.

  106. Matthew Wheadon (verified owner)

    Been using it since last August when I got my 1 series and makes washing easier and more satisfying. Amazing product.

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