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Hybrid Coating 2.0 (New Version)

Hybrid Coating 2.0 (New Version)


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The only thing that remains the same is the name…

Our Hybrid Coating has been completely reformulated, now benefitting from:

  • – A New Signature Scent
  • – Increased Repellency
  • – Increased Durability
  • – More Concentrated
  • – High Chemical Resistance
  • – Easier To Use
  • – Stronger Chemical Bonds
  • – Faster Activation
  • – Increased Foaming Agent

Hybrid is an ultra hydrophobic sealant which can be applied in a multitude of ways. The high concentrate formula is diluatable by 1:10, creating 5 Litres of sealant from a 500ml bottle or 20 Litres from a 2 Litre Jerry Can.

The coating can be applied to exterior paint, glass, wheels & plastics,  providing ultra hydrophobic protective properties, which are durable for over 3 months.

  • – Hand Sprayer
  • – 50ml Hybrid / 450ml Water = 500ml bottle
  • 100ml Hybrid / 900ml Water = 1 litre bottle
  • – Snow Foam Gun
  • 100ml / 400ml Water
  • – Direct application via our Supreme Wash Mitt or Wash Pad (apply neat to wash mitt or pad & apply to vehicle in sections)
  • – For maintenance, add 50ml in the wash bucket
  • – Clean car as usual
  • – Apply to a wet surface, ensuring the whole area has been coated
  • – Leave to dwell for 30 seconds – 1 minute
  • – Rinse vigorously with a pressure washer to activate
  • – Repeat application process for increased sheeting & for maximum durability
  • On warmer days/darker cars, we recommend applying to one panel at a time

Optional Extras:

  • – 1L Bottle & 28mm Ergonomic Thumb Sprayer

These optional extras make it easy to mix and apply hybrid on the go, just spray on and vigorously rinse to activate.

A mixing bottle can also be purchased separately here.

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500ml, 2L Jerry Can (20% Off)


Hybrid, Hybrid & 50ml Measuring Cup, Hybrid, 1L Bottle & Ergonomic Thumb Sprayer

3 reviews for Hybrid Coating 2.0 (New Version)

  1. Carl

    Amazing stuff! So easy to use mix dilute spray on wash off! As simple as that for about 3 months of protection, beats every other product on the market!

  2. Lliam

    Absolutely amazing! Effortless to apply and instant results right infront of your eyes! Love that it can be applied to the whole car where as wax cant! Wish I had started using this product sooner!

  3. Chris (verified owner)

    Easy Peasey Hybrid Squeezy!…..

    Just buy it, unreal product!

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