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HEX-15 Dual Action Polisher

HEX-15 Dual Action Polisher

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  • One of our biggest announcements to date… The arrival of our HEX-15 Random Orbital Polisher.

    Our HEX-15 Polisher has a huge 15mm throw and a 900W motor, perfectly balanced in a ergonomic housing, giving you the ultimate swirl killing machine, without the risks linked to a traditional rotary polisher.

    The Hex-15 polisher is designed to correct even the hardest of paints with ease, the large 15mm throw increases the polishing footprint, a huge 900W motor powers through the most oxidised of paints, whilst the long 5M cable ensures you aren’t tied down to one area.

    Get the most from your polisher, team it up with our Prima 1-Step polish & H.E.X Polishing Pads for maximum impact.

    • 15mm Throw
    • 125mm Backing Plate
    • Large Footprint
    • 1,800 – 4,800hz
    • 900W
    • 5 Metre Cable
    • Optional D-handle Included
    • 3 pin UK Plug
    • Spare Motor Brushes
    • Weight: 2.6kg (approx)

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    Weight6 kg
    Kit Type

    HEX-15 Dual Action Polisher, HEX-15 Dual Action Polisher Kit – 500g, HEX-15 Dual Action Polisher Kit – 1KG


    1. Great machine, good balance in your hand. Hardly any vibration. Definitely worth the money.

    2. Great machine. Good balance. Perfect piece of kit.

    3. Beautifully built machine and solid design!

    4. Well built machine very good design also has a good balance to it

    5. Amazing product, great control using the variable speed control switch is nicely located. It has a good manageable weight which is surprisingly balanced and doesn’t get too tiring on longer corrections.

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