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Foil Bucket Sticker Set

Foil Bucket Sticker Set

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Getting your buckets mixed up during the washing process? Our Bucket Sticker Set clearly depicts “Wash, Rinse & Wheels” to help prevent bucket mixups.

13cm bucket stickers created from matt laminated foil.


  • Wash
  • Rinse
  • Wheels


  1. These stickers are well made and perfect for identifying which bucket is for that. Very easy to apply and as mentioned in their description are foil so they’re unaffected when wet.

  2. These stickers are simply amazing. They feel very high quality, are easy to apply, and even easier to read/see on the bucket, even at night time due to the fact they are foil/reflective.

    A must buy for any detailer, as it makes your kit look professional, and makes your job a million times easier.

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