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Carbon Collective Foaming Pump Sprayer

Carbon Collective Foaming Pump Sprayer

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Unlike snow foam lances, our Foaming Pump Sprayer dispenses foam without further diluting the product, ensuring maximum product concentration.

Our Foaming Pump Sprayer can be used with Snow Foam, Citrus Cleanser, Shampoo & Even Hybrid.

Just fill the bottle with water to the H20 line, add your chosen product & pump to pressurise.

  • Professional Grade
  • Chemical Resistant Viton Seals
  • 1.5L Capacity
  • 3 Bar Pressure
  • Pressure Release Valve (for releasing the pressure before opening)
  • Liquid Capacity viewing Window
  • 110° Spray Angle

Rinse out sprayer & flush after use.


  1. This foamer is magic!! I’m ordering a second. 1 for hybrid, 1 for citrus.

  2. Excellent for hybrid, might get another for citrus!!

  3. Great product, makes it really easy to apply a range of products – 100% worth it

  4. This is magnificent!!!!! Best product to apply from snow foam to citrus, thanks carbon!!!

  5. Second time of using this, takes circa 20 pumps to build up pressure but then it’s simply brilliant! Best way of using the product range of Ultimus and Lusso which make other products look very inferior.

  6. What a product!! Makes applying citrus really easy and efficiently only needing 50ml per car! Will be purchasing a 2nd one for Hybrid. Can HIGHLY RECOMMEND

  7. I was initially sceptical of ordering this product despite its positive reviews. I have used it twice now for snow foam (with the 50ml sample from CC and using 50ml of a competitor foam). It provided perfect coverage from just one fill (the bit I was sceptical about!) therefore using significantly less water but doing a job well done.

  8. Great Product Good Quality Highly Recommend

  9. Love this to the point I don’t use my snow Lance now. Great product, I think I will get another as others have, one for citrus and one for hybrid!

  10. Great product, I use it at work for my van, so handy when a pressure washer isn’t available for snow foam, worth the buy, handy for if your out and about.

  11. AMAZING!! if you don’t have one i suggest you get one, you wont be disappointed. i
    use it for Citrus, Ultimus & Lusso. lovely thick foam. 100% will recommend to anyone

  12. This is a great bit of kit. Super service too. Highly recommend!

  13. Superb product, great for multiple products like Ultimus, Citrus, Hybrid and React.

  14. Thought this would be like other big foam sprayers but it really is brilliant, very pleased with it, great bit of kit especially for hybrid application

  15. Awesome pump sprayer on of the best I have ever used.
    Highly recommend 5 Stars

  16. Bought two of these two weeks ago. Great pump so easy to use with great results, a must have in any detailer’s shelve. Service as always excellent.

  17. Just got my order! Brilliant piece of kit! Deffo my favourite place to come to for all my car essentials!! Super quick delivery!!!!!

  18. Can cover a whole car in snow foam no issues, and I’m using it on an SUV. So plenty to cover. Definitely want a second for citrus cleaner!

  19. Great bit of kit! Love the one I’ve got for foam, tempted to get a couple more for citrus and hybrid.

  20. This is a superb foamer, one of the best of it’s kind. Great for applying snow foam/citrus/APC. Only small quantities of product required to produce fantastic foam.

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