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Finire Leather Protectant

Finire Leather Protectant


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Finire Leather Protectant

The easiest way to get fast, durable protection on leather & vinyl finishes.

Our Finire Leather Protectant provides a durable hydrophobic barrier on leather surfaces, protecting from spills, UV rays & dye transfer. Protection lasts for a minimum of 6 months.

The spray & wipe formula is formulated to be safe on all leather & vinyl finishes.


Prior to application, clean with our Revive Leather Foam to remove any grease, grime & dye transfer.

1. Lightly mist the microfibre applicator.

2. Apply in light overlapping lines. Ensure even application across the whole surface.

3.Allow to dry naturally, remove any excess coating from plastics & trim.

4. Repeat the application process again for maximum durability, coverage & hydrophobicity.

5. Allow 1 hour before use.


Always test on a section of leather prior to full application.



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