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Detailing Bucket & Gamma Seal Lid

Detailing Bucket & Gamma Seal Lid

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When it comes to buckets, bigger is better! Our buckets hold a whopping 20 Litres of wash solution, reducing the chance of dirt and grit particles being circulated back onto the paint.

Each bucket comes with a heavy-duty Gamma Seal Lid, these are watertight & double as a seat during long details.

Our buckets are injection moulded, giving a high gloss durable finish.

We are also offering our Vortex Grit Guard at a reduced price in the bucket kit.

  • Option 1 – 20L Bucket & Gamma Seal Lid
  • Option 2 – 20L Bucket, Gamma Seal Lid & Vortex Grit Guard


  1. Very good quality bucket, Don’t be put off by the price, these really do make a big difference in comparison to the other branded ‘bucket and grit guard combo’.

  2. Recently purchased 2 of these buckets and in many ways thought “a bucket is a bucket”, but these are really well designed and constructed. The vortex is dramatically better than the usual grit guard and also take up much less room in the bucket.

  3. A great looking bucket! Very big and very good quality – love the vortex guard to keep those tiny bits of debris off my car!

  4. Great bucket, Great size and in the Great colour

  5. Thank you for making such a beautiful bucket of color.

  6. very beautiful bucket !!

    color too wonderful 🙂

  7. Never thought I’d get excited over a bucket, but this is a great addition to my garage

  8. Very good bucket, the lid pays for its self quickly as you can leave some very clean but used suds in the bucket seal with the lid then wash the daily with it a few days later!
    I would probably say the only down side with the bucket is because of the way the lid attaches to the top of the bucket, it creates a lip on the inside and makes it awkward to wash grit out of the bottom of the bucket as when you poor the water out, the grit goes behind the lip and gets stuck in the bucket. This could probably be improved. But overall another awesome product from CC

  9. Bucket looks great, quality brilliant, this is where all my car care products will come from now!

  10. Excellent equipment and faultless finish in my pride and joy.

  11. First purchase from carbon collective, very impressed with the quality of this, the grit guard design is very clever beats others I have used before hands down

  12. My first purchase from carbon collective and I’m impressed, Very good quality product sturdy construction and the grit guard is a very clever design and works way better than your standard grit guards

  13. Amazing product, well worth the money. They feel really sturdy and work perfectly with the grit guards, can see me having these for a long time.

  14. Feel miles better quality than other buckets I’ve used & the lids are great quality. Think these will be pretty bomb proof !
    Not going to lose this colour………

  15. Buckets hold so much water and grit guard holds so much dirt behind them! Really useful

  16. Absolutely amazing compared to other brands, the grit guard work amazing

  17. Bucket lid vortex guard arrived today. Robust bucket doubles up as stool cool colour Buy one

  18. Awesome bucket! Vortex grit guard is definitely proving it’s worth!

  19. Very nice buckets and a very cool colour!

  20. Great bucket with tight sealing lids, they are very good!

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