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Detailing Bucket Organiser

Detailing Bucket Organiser

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Our Bucket Organiser has been designed for the professional detailer, conveniently storing your detailing arsenal within arms reach, improving efficiency and productivity.

Universal design – the organiser is designed to clip tightly onto the side of nearly all detailing buckets, fitting with or without a gamma seal lid.

Portable product storage, the main section can hold a multitude of bottles, brushes, snow foam lances or tools whilst the five integrated drainage holes ensure your detailing tools are kept dry and away from dirty water.

Two side tabs hold an entire set of our Ultra Soft Detailing Brushes, suspending them freely for easy access, whilst helping them dry between uses.

Main Section Can Hold The Following Combinations:

  • Ultimate HD Snow Foam Lance and 2x 500ml bottles
  • Drying towels and accessories 
  • 4x 500ml bottles
  • 2x 1-litre bottles and 1x 500ml

Side Tabs Hold:

  • No. 10 210mm Brush
  • No. 12 220mm Brush
  • No. 16 230mm Brush
  • No. 18 240mm Brush

*Bucket Deal includes bucket, gamma seal lid & Detailing Organiser



  1. It’s that good I’m ordering another one!!

  2. Fits the bucket perfectly, well made and worth the price for a well thought out product.
    Nothing else like it that I’ve found.

  3. Compatible with 24mm brushes.
    I also bought a bucket, and it fits perfectly.

  4. Excellent addition to your wash bucket for any hobbyist or professional detailer. Fits the bucket spot on. You won’t regret getting one !

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