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Citrus Cleanser

Citrus Cleanser

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Citrus Cleanser

Our Citrus Cleanser is a powerful pH balanced formula that removes embedded bugs, grease & grime, without removing waxes or sealants.

Safe on nearly all finishes, our citrus cleanser can be used as a general use cleaner, on rubber mats, door shuts, arches, boot liners, engine bays, wheels & tyres.


  • Apply before snow foaming or hand washing.
  • Spray directly onto the surface.
  • Allow the formulation to dwell.
  • Heavily soiled finishes can be agitated with a soft bristle brush.
  • Rinse with copious amounts of water until water runs clear.
  • Do not allow product to run dry.

Chemical Resistant Sprayer included with 1L Bottle.


  1. Used my sample bottle of this over the weekend on an uncoated car that hasn’t been washed since before summer. Lots of baked on road grime and bugs lifted off easily. Followed by Ultimus and Lusso the car was gleaming in no time. I’ll definitely be adding more to my next order. Love the smell too!

  2. Brilliant product for your pre-wash needs!

  3. Excellent product yet again from cc

  4. Amazing!!

  5. This is the best cleaner I’ve ever used

  6. I’ve used a similar product from other detailing product producers and this is my favourite. In my opinion it’s just more effective. Just makes lifting some of the more ingrained dirt and bugs so much easier and gentler on the paintwork. I love it and would highly recommend it.

  7. Absolutely fantastic! My car hadn’t been washed in 6 weeks and what a result after using the Citrus Cleanser! It seems to remove dirt effortlessly. Very happy with this product!

  8. Another Great product.. i have now replaced my pre-wash bug and tar remover with CC Citrus Cleanser and i am pleased with the results!

  9. Removed a nasty stain on my others half’s car with ease that looked to either be roadkill related or some sort of thick sauce that’d since been baked on.

    Product smells great and also had no issues removing bird dirt and bugs from the cars before snow foaming

  10. Works well when diluted in a foam Lance, applied straight the working time is not too long.

  11. Used a couple times now as I don’t like to review after my first go; a great citrus cleaner, can really tell it gets those extra bits of dirt off compared to just snow foam alone. And the thumb sprayer is so easy to use.

  12. I use this with the CC pump sprayer to make a foam over the car. It’s a great pre-cleanser for effortless removal of everything from dirt and grime to baked on bugs, with the added bonus of smelling great too!

  13. Fantastic product! Used on the dead bugs on my grill and front bumper along with Optimus snow foam and came off with ease. 100% recommend this!!

  14. I’ve never used anything that works so well, especially combined with the carbon collective shampoo

  15. Brilliant product!! Made the job so much easier after a couple of months without a proper full wash!

  16. Had dried bugs on my car for over a year now, tried a number of products with no success. Used half my sample 50ml over the weekend and now one side of my car is spotless. Cannot wait to finish the other side this weekend. Would highly recommend

  17. I am a big fan of a Citrus APC / Pre wash products and have used most brands, keep coming back to the Carbon Collective citrus cleanser it is incredibly effective for breaking down bugs and thick grime. I love using it under a thick layer of Ultimus in winter to increase working time. The scent is lovely and I also really rate it when cleaning badges and window trims with an ultra soft detailing brush.

  18. Great product, use it to remove road salt and works well on motorcycles. Foams up well in a Lance.

  19. Really is a great. Apply it to all really dirty places before applying snow foam

  20. One of the best I’ve ever used, makes baked on bird poo just disintegrate!

  21. Great product, Makes cleaning the car so much easier!

  22. Brilliant product, by far the best I have ever used makes light work off cleaning

  23. Great stuff removes all grime and dirt.

  24. By far the best I’ve used, excellent cleaning power

  25. Works well as a pre-wash, managed to remove all the bug splatter!

  26. Excellent product the best i have ever used. A++++

  27. Neutral and safe Very easy to use

  28. Brilliant stuff, does what it should and smells nice!

  29. Used this loads of time no job too big for it! Breaks down dirt like no other brilliant product would recommend to anyone!!

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