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Air Force 1 Dryer

Air Force 1 Dryer

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Our Air Force 1 Car & Motorcycle Dryer delivers powerful, effective and contactless drying; whether you are at home, or on the go. Contactless drying ensures the prevention of swirls and scratches as opposed to traditional methods of drying.

Portable, compact and easy to transport, our Air Force 1 Dryer features a single motor, which can outperform most dual motor machines on the market today, this is down to cyclone motor technology, producing greater air flow with lower friction. The cyclone technology provides a 30% energy saving over traditional dryers. Producing a max power output of 2800W. In addition, the 600W heating element ensures the water is displaced or evaporated to stop water marks and leaving a perfectly streak-free finish. Air is filtered through a washable and removable air filter to ensure the safest possible drying, whether this is on paintwork, glass, chrome or hard to reach areas such as air vents or interiors.

The dryer is designed to dry an entire car without the need for an extension lead, the 5 metre hose and 5 metre power cable are long enough for to ensure you aren’t restricted during drying.

The variable speed controller adjusts the air speed and volume, whilst the two-way temperature switch allows hot air for drying and cold air for dust removal in interiors and awkward areas.

  • – 2 silicone coated interchangeable nozzles to adjust air pattern.
  • – Variable-speed controller to easily adjust the air speed and volume.
  • – Neoprene coated handle to prevent heat transfer.
  • – Heating range of 56 degrees celsius.
  • – High impact, insulated ABS housing.
  • – Air filter (washable & removable).
  • – Filtered air to ensure the safest possible drying.
  • – Contactless drying to prevent swirls and scratches.

Technical Specification:

  • – 2800W Single Motor
  • – 600W Heating Element
  • – 900G Blow Force
  • – 7 CBM Max Airflow
  • – 66,000 FPM Max Speed
  • – Wheels Included as Standard
  • – 2 Interchangeable Nozzles
  • – 5 Metre Hose
  • – 5 Metre Power Cable
  • – 74 db Noise Output
  • – Unit Weight: 4kg

1 Year Manufacturer Warranty – The Air Force 1 Dryer is guaranteed against manufacturing defects for materials & build quality for one year from original date of purchase. We will repair or replace the original dryer free of charge subject to the limitations specified in the manual.

Warranty against manufacturer faults and defects only.


  1. Forgot to review this when I got it. I couldn’t clean my car or motorbike without this now! Excellent piece of kit! Worth every penny!

  2. Can’t beat the Air Force one, drys the car so fast, best on the market.

  3. Love it works great on the car and Bike.

  4. Value for money, drys all awkward areas where water gets trapped and is easy to use

  5. Dryer is UNREAL! Powerful, quick & contactless way over cleaning! Highly Reccommend

  6. This dryer is the PERFECT substitute to my leaf blower that I used to dry my car with, its powerful enough to dry any car or bike The best 179£ I ever invested in a piece of kit!!

  7. First class bit of kit. Removing all excess water from all the hard to get to places! Best on the market hands down.

  8. Amazing air dryer. Definitely one of the best quilty ones on the market & very powerful.

  9. Awesome product this! I originally thought it would be a bit of a gimmick and now I couldn’t be without it! Great for getting those last drops of water out of the mirrors and other gaps. Perfect for wheels and engine bays too

  10. Wonderful piece of kit, very powerful and great for bikes as well as cars!

  11. Absolutely golden, desperately needed one and it was so so worth the money

  12. right piece of kit well impressed 100% finish on the car well worth the money

  13. Smart piece of kit. Very effective and a satisfying process.

  14. I was abit worried about spending this much on a blower after seeing some bad comments about it, I was previously using a £25 Ebay leaf blower. and wow you really do get what you pay for. it clears panels within seconds. a massive bonus being heated, really useful for when doing a engine clean. very much recommend.

  15. Superb bit of kit, so powerful, gotta be the best dryer on the market.

  16. Great dryer, easy to use and well made. Glad I chose this one as there are cheaper ones out there but carbon collective tend to create high quality product. Would recommend this to anyone

  17. Great buy, this thing is more power than I thought, easy work on grills and rims

  18. BEST DRYER OUT THERE! Would highly recommend! I was really surprised at how powerful this was when I used it for the first time. It made drying the car so much easier!

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