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PRO RANGE – Ceramic Coating Kit

PRO RANGE – Ceramic Coating Kit

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Introducing our brand new Professional Range of Ceramic Coatings, the future of car care.


Molecule 9H Ceramic Coating

Our Molecule Ceramic Coating is a true 9H ultra-hydrophobic coating. Once applied, the coating becomes the active layer on top of the surface, protecting against scratches, swirls, chemicals, bird droppings UV rays for up to 5 years.

Molecule can be used on its own as a stand-alone coating or used as a base layer for our Nero Ceramic Coating, increasing durability, and scratch resistance up to 7 years.

For a full look at the properties, please check the Molecule Product Page.


Nero Self-Healing Ceramic Coating

Our diamond-infused Nero Self-Healing Ceramic Coating is an ultra-hydrophobic coating which can be used on PPF, vinyl wrapped or painted finishes.

Once applied, the coating becomes the active layer on top of the surface, protecting against chemicals, bird droppings UV rays & even minor scratches for up to 5 years.

Nero has a high active content, consisting of diamond particles, this helps to maximise gloss & protection whilst aiding the self-healing process, helping to keep your paint swirl free for longer.

Nero Self-Healing Ceramic Coating can also be used as a topcoat over our 9H Molecule Ceramic Coating, increasing scratch resistance and durability up to 7 years.

For a full look at the properties, please check the Nero Product Page.


Kit includes:

  • 30ml Bottle of Nero Self-Healing Ceramic Coating
  • 30ml Bottle of Molecule 9H Ceramic Coating
  • Application Kit – 1 Block & 5 Cloths
  • 4x 75mm Microfibre Applicators
  • Foil Packaging with Instructions


  1. The best!

  2. Simply the best coating I’ve ever used, very easy to work with, wide application temperature, buffs off easy and leaves an amazing hydrophobic finish! 5*

  3. Coated a car two years ago and this is still going strong. I’ve used lots of coatings on different cars and this seems to be the only one that actually behaves like the blurb promises! Highly recommended

  4. recently detailed and protected a new Golf, my first time using Carbon collective coatings as well as the hex nano. all I can say is wow. easy on and easy off, incredible shine and really hydrophobic. fantastic product and will be using it again!

  5. recently detailed a 10 year old black range rover using carbon collective 1 step compound and protected with this kit. excellent finish and customer was more than satisfied.

  6. Wow! Wow is all I can say. Recently just detailed a brand new Tesla Model Y and used Molecule & Nero. The gloss from these two are incredible. 2 fantastic coatings!

  7. Great product, easy on and easy off, though I do wish it comes in a bigger size as 30ml was not enough for my Sprinter.

  8. Very Goood ! … The Best !!!

  9. Top quality

  10. First time using a paint ceramic rather than the platinum wheels and all I can say is wow.
    Super easy to apply, left to cure for a few days in the garage and now cleaning is effortless. Quick snow foam and rinse and that fly have to clean as often! Very impressed by the Nero self healing properties. Hot rinse and any tiny imperfections are gone!

  11. If your going to put the all the effort in to de swirling your car, then this is a must do coating for maximum protection! Super Long lasting and ease of use

  12. My first time using a ceramic coating and I have to say this is a very user friendly product that gives amazing results. Easily enough in each bottle for 2/3 coats If you desire. The gloss is crazy good and the water shedding like nothing I’ve done experienced before. Would and have recommended this product!

  13. The Best !!!

  14. Fantastic coatings. I now offer these professionally as our high-level coatings and the customer feedback has been phenomenal!

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