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Platinum Pack – Full Exterior Ceramic Coating Kit

Platinum Pack – Full Exterior Ceramic Coating Kit

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The Carbon Collective Platinum Pack contains the entire Platinum Ceramic Coating range to seal every component on the exterior of your vehicle, ensuring the best protection for over 3 years.

As used by our approved detailers, this kit is a preferable alternative to dealership protection packages.

Kit Includes:

  • 30ml Platinum Paint + 2 Microfibre Applicators
  • 30ml Platinum Glass + 2 Microfibre  Applicators
  • 30ml Platinum Wheels + 4 Microfibre Applicators
  • 30ml Platinum Trim + 4 Microfibre Applicators


  1. Great product. I use this on all my customers cars. It’s easy to apply and gives great results.

  2. This kit is seriously good on price and quality and travels along way. Whilst there is tons of ceramic products available I’ll be sticking with CC

  3. Great stuff, easy application process and excellent coating protection. Makes the car so much easier to clean and gives a good gloss look.

  4. Can’t recommend Carboncollective Ceramic coating pack enough done over 10 cars with all the coatings now! Easy on, easy off. Great products.

  5. used this today amazing stuff easy on easy off

  6. used this on one of our customers Ford Focus Rs. we tend to use ceramic pro light but was recommended this. I cannot believe how good this stuff is thats us converted

  7. I bought this pack over 7 months ago and I could recommend it to anyone who want to keep there car’s paint, wheels, trim and glass in perfect condition, the beed is unreal.

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