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Onyx Twisted Drying Towel

Onyx Twisted Drying Towel

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Onyx Twisted Drying Towel

Bringing our Onyx Twisted Drying Towel to the next level using the latest microfibre technology.

The twisted strands increase the surface area of the cloth, increasing the amount of water it holds.

The dual-layer edgeless construction doubles the amount of absorption whilst preventing marring during use.

Machine wash at 40°c using non-biological detergent.

Do not use fabric softeners.

  • 1100GSM
  • 80/20
  • Edgeless
  • 50x80cm
  • Made in Korea


  1. Had my drying towel for roughly 3 years now and it’s still as good as the day I got it, super absorbent.

  2. Possibly the best addition for the money to my cleaning regime. If you’re not using a drying towel, this will change you forever!

  3. Great drying towel. Makes drying easy.

  4. Great

  5. Best I’ve ever used, need two to do the whole car but they’re amazing, streak feee

  6. By far the best drying towel i have used. I cant belive i have wasted so long using my old one thinking it did the job fine. My old one went straight in the bin after using this for the first time.

  7. This has got to me the best drying towel I have ever used, just finished cleaning my Twisted Defender 110 and this thing dried the whole car with no streaking. Very impressed going to be getting another. Great job Carbon Collective

  8. I own two of these and they’re incredible. Better than any other drying towel I’ve used, one towel easily dries my car which is a scirocco R

  9. Superb drying towel!

  10. Absolutely brilliant towel!

  11. Amazing! holds so much water, minimal effort = maximum results.. Very pleased.

  12. Very good product soaks up water very well to leave dry surface

  13. I had the original and thought that was good, but this one is even better. Very absorbent.

  14. Really impressed with this towel, really high quality and absorbs so much water. Best drying towel I have used to date. Will be ordering a few more

  15. One of the best out there, unlike other towels they perform like new after every wash.

  16. Amaizing towel!! Gone from waffle to this…another level.

  17. Best drying Towel I’ve used – They’re that good I actually have 2 of them but will be picking up another 2 to make sure I can do 4 cars in one session.
    They hold water well and do a great job of drying a Range in minutes, inc glass!

  18. Best drying towel I’ve ever used. Would recommend to everyone.

  19. Purchased this Towel while back Works really well the best Drying Towel out there washes well, excellent quality Highly recommended

  20. Excellent drying towel! Absorbs way more water than any other towel I ever used.
    It’s also ready to use straight from the bag so no need to wash it first.

  21. Absolutely the best drying towel I have ever bought! Very absorbing and very little effort required to dry my car, will defiantly buy another one with my next order

  22. So glad I purchased this. Hands down the best drying towel out there!

  23. Brilliant product, packaged really well, will be using again for more awesome products in the future

  24. Just used for the first time , what can I say brilliant did the whole of my focus rs with this towel and super absorbent the best I’ve ever used

  25. Just the best! Unbelievably absorbent! A must have!

  26. Used Onyx drying towel first time yesterday Brilliant went over Porsche 997 in one go no ring out needed great absorption.
    You’re not going to be disappointed!
    Just buy one, they’re brilliant.

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