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Magma De-Icer Spray

Magma De-Icer Spray

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Magma De-Icer Spray

Our Magma De-Icer Spray melts ice within seconds without damaging coated surfaces.
Safe to use on windows, glass, locks and handles.

The de-icer can be used on our Platinum Glass coatings without causing damage, the de-icer can also be used as a pre-icer, sprayed on the night before to help prevent heavy ice build-up.

Supplied in a 2 Litre Jerry can with an optional 500ml refillable sprayer bottle, it’s more eco-friendly than your standard aerosol de-icer sprays.

1. Remove cap and attach trigger head to bottle.
2. Spray De-Icer liberally to the surface and wait for the ice to melt.
3. Thicker ice may take longer to melt, wait 1 minute then re-apply if needed.

Magma De-icer can also be used on locks and handles, direct the spray into the recesses to penetrate the working mechanisms.


  1. Very impressed with this product, it worked quickly, smelt nice and left coatings safe on the car. Would recommend.

  2. Just one word for this Awesome just buy buy buy you’ll never look back

  3. Never found a good de-icer… until now. Buy and you won’t regret it!

  4. Buy yourself this and buy a pump spray bottle you’ll never look back full screen done within 5 seconds leave it to stand for 30 seconds and then use wipers and it’s as if the screen was never frosted up

  5. Awesome product, will definitely buy again!

  6. Works like magic. Great product, plus leaves coatings safe!

  7. Great product, works perfectly & safe knowing the ceramic coating is protected

  8. Brilliant product, no need for scrapers. Squirt this onto car, leave it for a few minutes and you’re good to go.

  9. Had some VERY early frost today and this worked a treat! Very impressed with the product and also the service

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