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Knee Saver Kneeling Pad

Knee Saver Kneeling Pad

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Knee Saver Kneeling Pad

Spend a lot of time on your knees? Our Kneeling pad is ergonomically designed for maximum comfort and protection for long details or working on your vehicle.

Three layers of durable foam help prevent your knees from being subjected to hard, uneven, cold or dirty surfaces, which could cause you knee or joint problems long term.

60mm of super thick dual-density foam conforms to the shape of your body, relieving pressure and increasing support. The outer layers are made from hard-wearing denser foam for durability on all surfaces. The centre layer is soft, absorbing your weight and creating a comfortable surface for long periods of time.

Take it on the road, we designed this pad to fit into the base of our XL Duffle Bag – 48L.

  • 460mm x 240mm x 60mm
  • Triple-layer foam
  • Dual-density foam
  • Hard-wearing
  • Durable
  • Water-resistant
  • Easy to clean
  • Protect your knees!


  1. Fits perfectly in the detailing bag. Very comfy and has saved my knees from a lot of crying!

  2. I’m only a weekend warrior when it comes to detailing but this Matt has saved my knees from hours of kneeling on concrete while wheel cleaning

  3. It goes too well with toolbag. Good product thanks.

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