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Hybrid SiO2 Ceramic Shampoo

Hybrid SiO2 Ceramic Shampoo

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Hybrid SiO2 Ceramic Shampoo

Our Hybrid SiO2 Ceramic Shampoo is a slick, pH neutral shampoo formulated to leave durable SiO2 protection on protected & unprotected finishes, boosting gloss, beading & hydrophobic behaviour.

Originally formulated to deep clean Ceramic Coated finishes, our Hybrid Shampoo leaves behind an additional protective layer on the surface, extending the life of your ceramic coating. Hybrid Shampoo’s deep cleaning properties safely lift bonded contamination from surfaces, restoring the ceramic coating’s protective properties whilst boosting gloss and beading.

Although designed to maintain ceramic coated finishes, Hybrid Shampoo is perfect for unprotected vehicles as a quick and easy one-step product, offering impressive deep cleaning and instant protection.

The low foaming properties ensure easy rinsing, helping to prevent water spotting and reducing water usage.

Hybrid Shampoo is a very high concentration product a minimum of 50ml is needed per 20-litre bucket, meaning ten washes from a single 500ml bottle.

Compatible with our external sealants for layered protection, our SiO2 Ceramic Shampoo can be used in harmony with Speciale SiO2 Ceramic Detailer or our Hybrid Coating for increased gloss, durability, and protection.


  • Slick pH neutral formula
  • Leaves SiO2 protection on unprotected vehicles
  • Restores and boosts ceramic coated finishes
  • Cleaning and protecting in one easy step
  • Deep cleaning – removes bonded dirt from protected finishes
  • High concentration – only 50ml needed per 20-litre bucket
  • Leaves behind a high gloss streak-free finish


Application Methods: 

Bucket Application:

  1. Pour 50ml of product into the wash bucket and fill with 20-litres of warm water. (Optionally, add 10-20ml of Lusso Shampoo to increase foaming).
  2. Using one of our Wash Mitts, begin washing the vehicle from top to bottom in straight lines.
  3. Once the vehicle is clean, rinse vigorously until the water turns clear.
  4. Repeat the process for maximum durability, adding an extra layer of protection, increasing gloss and durability.

Wash Mitt Application:

Pre-wash before application.

  1. Using the two bucket method, add 50ml of your chosen shampoo to one bucket, fill the other with clean water.
  2. Wash the car from top to bottom, front to back as you usually would (using the two bucket method).
  3. After the car is clean, apply a few drops of Hybrid Shampoo directly to the wet wash mitt or pad.
  4. Apply panel by panel, a reaction will begin to happen. Top-up the mitt with shampoo where required, repeat this process on the entire car.
  5. Once applied to the entire vehicle, rinse vigorously until the water turns clear.

In warm conditions in direct sunlight panel temperatures can be high, we would suggest rinsing each panel straight after application.

Snow Foam Gun Application:

Pre-wash before application, using our Ultimus or Satsuma Snow Foam.

  1. Using the two bucket method, add 50ml of your chosen shampoo to one bucket, fill the other with clean water.
  2. Wash the car from top to bottom, front to back as you usually would (using the two bucket method).
  3. After the car is clean, add 50ml of Hybrid Shampoo to the lance bottle and fill with warm water.
  4. Apply to the entire vehicle using the Snow Foam Lance.
  5. Using the wash-mitt from the wash bucket, wipe the car down panel by panel, rinsing the mitt in the rinse bucket.
  6. Once applied to the entire vehicle, rinse vigorously until the water turns clear.



  1. I really enjoy this as a one step clean, makes larger vehicles so much nicer to clean!

  2. Really great product and. smells great too!

  3. The best shampoo you can use its so slick

  4. Finally after spending a lot of money from various companies I’ve found the one this shampoo is amazing none of the others have revived my ceramic coating like this I will never use another 5*

  5. By far the best hybrid shampoo I’ve used!!

  6. Best Sio2 shampoo in the market

  7. Amazing product. I use it on my Pro Coated XC40 and the shine and protection you get form just a wash is fantastic. My shampoo of choice from now on i think. Spot on guys!

  8. Fantastic Shampoo, switched to using this after completing ceramic Pro range. This shampoo with 10ml of Lusso give Fantastic results, hopefully keeping the ceramic coatings protected for even longer.
    And it smells very good

  9. I got this on the launch of it and I personally use 20ml of this and 20ml of lusso. But even on its own the cleaning power and hydrophobic quality this leaves behind is unmatched. My cars protected but I have used this in unprotected cars too and the results either way speak for themselves

  10. Excellent shampoo, the protection it leaves behind is fantastic, leaves an excellent shine with no streaks, easy to dry after use, this shampoo is a game changer

  11. Got great results from first wash on my unprotected car, couldnt recommend enough!

  12. Brilliant product!

  13. One of my favourite shampoos to use on coated and uncoated cars.

  14. Snagged a bottle of this prior to release and I can’t recommend it enough. With the fact it’s applied at the washing stage it works really well. Good hydrophobic properties too. It’s that’s good I’ve ordered another bottle

  15. Hybrid Shampoo is great! I use hybrid shampoo after my normal wash on hybrid coated vehicles and it works great as a maintenance product.

  16. Amazing shampoo. Car looks glossy. Did 120 miles on the motorway after the wash. Still car shines and looks clean.
    High end product and quality packaging bottle

  17. Great results on both ceramic coated and unprotected cars, definitely worth a go!

  18. Excellent product! Would recommend!

  19. Got my first bottle a few backs , great stuff and great hydrophobic properties

  20. Just when you thought lusso shampoo couldn’t be beaten CC release this awesome product!

  21. Fantastic product defo recommend most simplest ways of cleaning and protecting a car in one simple step

  22. Great shampoo and with the added Hybrid, leaves a great coating on the paintwork. Anything to speed up the maintenance washes!

  23. Got my first bottle on launch, can honestly say it’s the best shampoo I have ever used,

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