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Detailing Bucket Builder – Clear Bucket

Detailing Bucket Builder – Clear Bucket

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Our New Clear Teal Detailing Buckets

When it comes to buckets, bigger is better! Our buckets hold a whopping 20L of wash solution, reducing the chance of dirt and grit particles being circulated back onto the paint.

The transparent design allows you monitor the water level & the amount of dirt in the bucket .

  • Holds over 20L of wash solution.
  • Reinforced construction.
  • Designed to accept gamma seal lid.
  • Metal handle with plastic grip.
  • Tapered to Receive our Vortex Grit Guard.
  • Clear injection moulded 90 mil thick plastic.
  • High gloss durable finish.
  • Screen printed logo.


  1. Very happy with the whole bucket, lid , grit guard & organiser sets. Makes the washing stage so much easier. Far superior to previous set ups I’ve used.

  2. After receiving the Clear Bucket and Bucket Dolly, which had a difficult purchasing process, I unwrapped them and was amazed at the mint-colored, clear and clean product. The first time I used it, the bucket filled with water was more brilliant. The wheels of the dolly were replaced with urethane wheels, so it was possible to move smoothly. It’s more satisfying than the original opaque bucket, so I think it’ll be the best item.

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