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Clarity Hydrophobic Glass Cleaner

Clarity Hydrophobic Glass Cleaner

(24 customer reviews)



Clean & Protect In One Easy Step!

Our Clarity Hydrophobic Glass Cleaner removes water spots & stains whilst leaving behind a hydrophobic layer that sheets off the water at speeds as low as 30mph.*

Unlike traditional glass cleaners, our Clarity Hydrophobic Glass Cleaner leaves behind a self-cleaning hydrophobic finish which helps keep glass stay cleaner for longer.

This product can be used as a stand-alone product or used to maintain our Platinum Glass Ceramic Coating.

  • Hydrophobic Glass Cleaner
  • Ideal for urban environments
  • Spray and wipe application
  • Removes water spots & stains
  • Prevents dirt build-up
  • Extends the durability of Platinum Glass
  • Only 20-30ml needed per car

This glass cleaner is designed to be used with our Supreme Glass Cloths.


Use on external glass only.

  1. Lightly mist the glass with 1-2 sprays.
  2. Using a clean, dry Glass Cloth, buff off the residue until clear.
  3. Turn over the microfibre & wipe down a second time, removing any excess.
  4. Allow 1 hour before using wipers


Gloves must be worn during use.

Use in a well-ventilated area.

Keep out of reach of children.

Keep away from naked flames.

Do not ingest.


  1. Fantastic glass cleaner with the added bonus of a surprisingly durable hydrophobic coating

  2. Great glass cleaning with hydrophobic protection.

  3. Great glass cleaner with surprisingly good protection!

  4. Great glass cleaner, awful cloth

  5. great product and tops up my hydrophobic protection on my windscreen.

  6. Really impressed with the glass cleaner, plus it tops up my hydrophobic properties on my windscreen. Top Product

  7. This is incredible. Used this on its own and the water beading was fantastic. Will use this during the Summer months but can’t wait to use it on top of Platinum Glass in the Autumn/Winter!

  8. This glass cleaner is amazing. Not only does it clean brilliantly but leaves a hydrophobic protection in exterior windows. I literally don’t use my windscreen wipers since I started using this

  9. I’ve been washing cars with high quality products for over 20 years and this glass cleaner is by far the best product I’ve used. I works hand in hand with the glass ceramic coat. Get the ceramic coat first and use this for cleaning and maintaining the glass ceramic coating. You won’t be sorry. A+++++

  10. Amazing product, strangely satisfying driving in rain watching the water bead up. What a products

  11. This stuff is fantastic! Makes cleaning the windows effortless and the water repellent coating is noticeable for weeks. Worth every penny.

  12. Fantastic product, Windows have always been a pet hate of mine but paired with the new glass cloth Clarity makes light work of any steaks. Nice added bonus is the water repentant coating it leaves on the glass

  13. Absolutely amazing product! Especially as a quick fix until you get the time to apply ceramic coatings, has a very similar effect! Love it!

  14. Amazed by Clarity, the Hydrophobic boost it gives is brilliant, fantastic for topping up Platinum glass or as a stand alone product !

  15. Brilliant stuff! So impressed with the results and doesn’t leave smears on my windows like other products did.

  16. Best and easiest to use glass cleaner..easy on and off with no streaks..

  17. Great product and much easier to apply than rainx but the trigger broke after 2 applications

  18. Brilliant product, coupled with platinum glass leaves you with no need for wipers.

  19. Great product, a little goes a very long way. Superb beading and has certainly extended the life of Platinum Glass. Water just rolls off from 30mph now.

  20. Great product, easy to use with great results. Even use it on the glass door of our shower. Used it twice and the spread head broke got in touch with CC and they replaced the spray head to me within 3 days. Great customer service

  21. Great product to work along with the glass ceramic coating kit. Very easy to apply and great results.

  22. Great Product, very nice beading. Simple to use.

  23. Great Product, happy with purchase.

  24. Very simple to use and really good.

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