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Bucket Dolly Handle Kit

Bucket Dolly Handle Kit

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Bucket Dolly Handle Kit

Our Bucket Dolly Handle Kit revolutionises the wash process, connecting your Bucket Dollies and mobilising your car wash equipment.

The Ergonomic design improves your workflow and helps fight the fatigue of carrying buckets, preventing the need for constant lifting and re-positioning of your 25kg wash buckets, making your life easier during the washing process.

Laser cut from 2mm steel, powder coated & constructed with stainless steel fixings, it’s all the things you expect from something built to stand the test of time.

The plate is secured to the dollies by utilising the existing wheel castors, the handle is then bolted to the plate using two M8 stainless bolts provided, becoming a structural part of the setup.
Instructions for building:
  • Each handle kit comes with 2 stainless M8 mounting bolts, washers & nyloc nuts.
  • Using the M8 bolts, secure the handle in your chosen orientation (there are two options, handle in the centre or handle in the rear).
  • Thread the bolts down through the handle into the plate, using the washers and nyloc nuts.
  • The plate should be fitted to the dollies using 4 non-locking-type wheels (the plate can block the locking mechanisms).
  • Ensure the wheel castors are fully seated in the dolly before use.
Kit Includes:
  • Powder-coated Connector Plate
  • Powder-coated Handle with Rubber Grip
  • Stainless Fitting Kit with Nyloc Nut


  • Built to last.
  • Speeds Up Work Flow.
  • Reduces Fatigue.


Plate: 240x150mm 2mm thick

Handle: 500mm x 300mm with 25mm box section

Grip size: 120mm x 40mm

Built Dimensions:

Handle Height is 590mm when fitted.


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